Wet Weather

Wet weather cancellation procedure

In the event of wet weather - for either training or matches - the following procedures apply:

  • unless you hear otherwise, you should assume that the training session or match is still on
  • if training or a match is cancelled, your team manager will update you, generally via SMS.  Liasiing with your team manager (or coach) should be your primary point of contact
  • the club may also send general updates via email, or post information on the web site or other social media
  • if games are cancelled, there are some make up days provided for in the season calendar and the Highlands Soccer Association will do what it can to schedule make up matches.  This cannot be guaranteed however

Please also understand that any decision to cancel a match is a Council one, and is not decided by your coach, manager, or the club.

If you are interested, you can monitor the status of all Council sporting fields at this link.

Fields will either be designated as OPEN or CLOSED and play will follow that guidance.  

Bowral FC cannot be responsible in any way whatsoever for the condition and / or grading of the fields and relies on Council's opinion entirely - as indicated on the Council web site.




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