Player Profiles

Rick van Olphen

Sweaty...  Need I say more?  Sweaty has been playing since before the Eagles ever existed and has only now realised that his true home is with the Eagles instead of the Eastern Blues.  A Canterbury Ruckman at the 2007 NPC he is sure to add a lot to the Eagles through the centre of the park in 2008. more -->

Simon Carden

Simon is a well established midfielder for the Eagles, since joining the club in 2008. Simon has also represented Canterbury at both under 20 and senior level. 2010 should be a big year for Carden on and off the paddock as his ongoing search for a missus continues.
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George Whitehead

What a man.  Though people have suggested that he is the best in the game at the moment, he continues to throw some rather loose elbows and is undoubtedly the best late-tackler the competition has ever seen.  Towering at nearly 2 metres, George dominates the ruck and has done since his 15th birthday in 2006. more -->

Adrian Young

As old as the hills, but still with energy to burn, Adrian is a veteran Australian Rules footballer.  Captaining the side from the middle adrian covers an amazing amount of ground in the course of a game.  One of the established umpires in Canterbury, Adrians contribution is greatly appreciated.  Adrian loves a fanta after the game and has been known to love crusts... more -->

Andy Howison

Andy "Howie" Howison had an outstanding debut season for the eagles in
09 showing off some fine skills in the center of the park, his hip and
shoulder could use a little work but with a bit of help he could be a
fine player. His selection in the canterbury 20's and senior side and
then a welcome selection in the NZ hawks wider trianing squad is
testament to this. more -->

Josh Allen

Red has a moustache at the moment.  Always a force in the Eagles forward line since his debut in 2004, Red has been known to kick a few goals.  He also, however, has trouble with the concept of training so has been known to miss a few goals also.  If all else fails in 2008 we will rely on the 'shock factor' of Red's moustache to knock the wind out of our seasoned opposition. more -->

Chris Moral

Chris or otherwise known as “Morel” made his debut for the club in ‘09 and was a very consistent performer in the backline. With a barge arse to rival that of Joey Johns or Nathan Hindmarsh, Morel became one of the main strongholds of the Eagles defence last season and looks to continue this throughout the ’10 season.
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Hayden Kelly

Griz.  If he couldnt take such an outstanding stationary mark we would probably insist that he move a little more often...  Though a full forward by destiny, griz is equally happy putting on late hits or brutal hip-and-shoulders through the centre of the ground.  It would appear from recent training sessions that Griz is a skilled mudslider, a skill that will surely take him a long way once his playing days are over. more -->

Robert Williamson

Robbie was picked up on a sabbatical contract for the ‘09 season, to
accommodate his basketball. Thankfully the Eagles had enough room under
the salary cap to welcome him into the fray, where his ‘mad hops’ were
used to great effect in the ruck and later on in the season proved he
had some skills in the forward line as well. A welcome extension to his
contract will see him stay with the eagles atleast until the end of the
2010 season. more -->

Matt Doyle

A massive impact off the slightly intoxicated bench has earned Matthew a
consistent starting position within the Eagles. Has now earned the
nickname ‘the lumberjack’ due to his god given ability to chop down
trees, players and piss. more -->

Rob Johnston

As yet another recruit from the university rugby club, Rob proved his abilities in his debut season in 2009. Now he has settled into his role in the squad, Rob is proving himself a crucial member through the middle of the park. With an ability to clean up in situations where he has no right to catch the pigskin, Rob comes out on top time and time again. Add to that the mullet Rob has decided to sport for the 2010 season and you’ve got one of the great threats in the Canterbury competition this year.

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Sam “Dingo” Deans

As a product of the famous Christchurch family who for some reason decided to uproot and take a high standing position in Australian sport, Deano is a player of immense skill and talent, with AFL crying out for his name. However, Deans’ debut did not bode well for the young star, who as it turns out doesn’t enjoy the cold weather so much. If the painful memories of Deanos frostbitten Timaru debut can be eradicated, maybe we will see some of the magic this kid can produce.

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Matt Bonifacio

Matt is brand spanking new to the Eagles in 2010, Matt looks likely to strengthen our midfield even more by playing in either the rovers or wing positions. Also with a solid boot look out for Matt kicking some long goals from beyond the 50. more -->

Vula Tufau

The flying Fijian Vula promises to add the spark the Eagles need to light the Canterbury tournament on fire this season. As a highly skilled rugby player, Vula has the ability to ghost past defenders as if they don’t even exist. Some say that a spot of Fijian flair has been the only thing missing from this Eagles squad. The question remains, can he replace the Papua New Guinean international; Wally Hillary-Jenkins whos been mysteriously absent since 2009? Only time will tell.

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Phil Don

Phildon is a machine.  Another of the stand out performers through the centre of the field in 2009, phildon uses his speed and skills to great advantage.   Having played since 2006 we look to phildon to be one of the leaders in 2010.  The mystery that surrounds this great footballer shrouds the details of his life outside football. more -->

James Gibb

Another member of the Eagles since 2008, Gibbo is a pitbull in the defensive line, terrorizing attacking units throughout the Canterbury league. With his front row rugby origins, Gibbo uses aggression and physicality to enforce himself on any game. Gibbs weakness comes in the form of aftermatch lemonades taking control of his decision making centre, resulting in some socially peculiar behavior.

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Tom Bruce

Brucey also comes into the squad in 2010 as a rugby recruit. With his fly half background in the 15-a-side game, Brucey brings a prodigious boot into the Eagles set up. Throw into the mix his borderline over tallness, and you have the makings of an Eagles legend. Bruceys handling and the distance of his boot promise great things for his debut season. However, combine Bruce and Smiths devastation throughout the university halls this year, there could potentially be some dangerous after match scenarios. A fondness for lemonade and dislike of inanimate objects makes this a dangerous duo when combined.

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Jack Smith

Jacky makes his debut in 2010 after a barnstorming season with the university colts rugby team. As another rugby front rower, Jacky slots nicely into the eagles set up, following the footsteps of Gibbo and Joel before him. Of the growing number of front rowers enforcing themselves on the game, Jack must have one of the best sets of hands out there. Already showing great signs of promise after just a few games, Jack is sure to become a mainstay of the Eagles scene. Watch this space for more crushing hits and soaring catches. more -->

Casey Moore

Casey Moore returns to his Ashburton roots, as a born and bred Ashburton-ite, Moore has finally heard his calling and decided to represent the Eagles this season. Yet another rugby convert, Moore promises to bring skill and physicality to the Eagles. This combination will no doubt fit smoothly into the set up. Surely Red will take this young firey headed nugget under his wing and show him where ginger headed men fit into the world of AFL.

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Dane 'Fumble' Hart

Dane fumble, not to be confused with pop sensation ‘Dane Rumble’ has been an Eagle since 2008. Since his debut fumble never ceases to amaze with his ability to falcon the ball out of his defensive position, often refusing to simply use his hands. As one of the more passionate and vocal members of the squad, Dane is never short of vocal encouragement on or off the field.

Fumble has opened his 2010 account with back to back ‘dick-of-the-day awards’ for one run in with the law resulting in his pickup from the station on the way to AFl, and a complete disregard for the use of his hands.

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Craig 'Brick' Thornton

The ‘force from the north’ also widely known as Brick, Mclovin or fogal. Brick has been an integral part of the Eagles unit since 2008. Since his debut, Bricks hands have become a safehouse under the high ball, combining this with his ever developing boot, brick is building towards a legend in the game of AFL. However, since he turned down an opportunity with the Canterbury under 20s side in his debut season for a weekend of debauchery, the wise men at the top of the game have not shown the same faith they once had in this prodigy.

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Kris Hickey

A lot of talk has been generated around the high profile signings to the
sport from the NRL, however that should not overshadow the Eagles
recent cycling convert. Finding his home at the back of the field he has
quickly adapted to the more physical game of Australian Rules Football.
What to expect from 2010; big hits, big feeds, big Sunday nights at the
pub. more -->

Andy Jordan

Andy is South African, and is also a very reliable defender.
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Joel Richards

The ‘mouth from the south’ is never short of a word or several. Often caught yarning at times when silence is necessary, Richards became a key member of the Eagles unit in the season of 2009. His non compromising attitude in defense is born out of a proud rugby background. Joels ability to rattle opposition with his low centre of gravity and tenacity in the defensive line has ensured him becoming a crucial cog in the Eagles machine.

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Jamie Fanning

Jamie is a Blues convert and will be making his Eagles debut in 2010. Jamie is a very skillful and experienced  player and can slot into any position required. Vice Captain of the Canterbury Un20 team he is sure to add a lot to the Eagles in 2010 more -->

Nick Bonkowski

A new player in 2008, "the Big Bonkowski", as he is affectionately known, is sure to make a mark on the CAFL premiership with his unrelenting enthusiasm for the game.  Though new to the game, Nick is a regular at training and showed some glimpses of potential brilliance in the recent Queens Birthday weekend friendly.  Outside of the sport Nick enjoys sumo wrestling and bounces for several bars in town simultaneously. more -->

Patrick “w-w-waterboy” W-w-wyatt

As the mainstay of the sideline management team since 2008, Wyatt has risen through the ranks to finally gain outright command of the hydration management team. Patrick’s command of his hydration team ensures that all corners of the oval are supplied with a continuous flow of liquid. Never one to show shyness towards a couple of cheeky after match, or even during match lemonades, waterboy Wyatt knows the value of reward for his Eagles.

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Scotty “too hotty” Williamson

Too hotty, also made his debut in the 2008 season. However, since this season his appearances on the AFL oval have been sporadic at best. Largely due to whats medically known as ‘Bung Ankle’. As self proclaimed “pound for pound the strongest man in the South Island” will tell you, his power is an asset to any Eagles squad. However, this claim is yet to be proven outright.

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James Kelly

One of the many great onballers that this team lays claim to.  Jimmy began playing in 2006 and really stood out in the 2007 season.  A soccer player in the offseason, his footwork and speed are a marvel to watch.  It is rumoured that jimmy was offered a professional basketball contract but turned them down due to his comittments with the Eagles. more -->

Ivan Luketina

Ivan is currently battling with a long and horrendous run of injuries and has decided to take up more of a managerial role with the Eagles in 2010. Ivan is a Staunch Croatia and Wellington supporter, even laying claims he was in involved in the last Hurricanes campaign and has the BNZ pen to prove it. Outside of AFL Ivan enjoys rock climbing. more -->

Nathan Dowler

Baz is the consummate professional.  Ever dependable. Hopes are high that Baz will regain the playing form of 2003/04 that saw him take a regular position in the back pocket for the Eagles.   more -->

Adam Smith

One of the few Ashburtonians in the Ashburton Eagles, Adam is another dependable, low to the ground middle man.  His speed and agility and overwhelming anger have really seen him improve in his debut 2007 season.  The recipient of rather an interesting face-bite mid season, Adam remains to this day very anti-irish. more -->

Mihai Tataru

Fez is romanian.  He is an original Eagle, having played since 2003 and has been growing as a player since his debut.  Despite some significant bursts of anger on and off the field, Fez is usually able to channel his emotions in a way that sees him play an outstanding game on the wing or in the backs.  In an effort to reduce food costs Fez has been raising some calves the last few years - now that his calves have progressed to fully fledged cows, it is widely recognised that he will never give them up... more -->

Jamie 'doc' Clough

The Eagles new physiotherapist for the 2010 season will surely prove a vital tool to the Eagles physical fitness. Finally making his transfer from the pits of Dunedin official, Cloughs debut saw him miss an open goal from 5m...clearly proving his worth to the Eagles unit. Hopefully he will have further opportunities as the season progresses. As an almost qualified physio, Doc will slip straight into the crucial strapping and rub down role the Eagles so desperately need. more -->

Glen “bulldog” Spooner

Spooners sexuality is highly questionable, especially if he continues to resist becoming a member of w-w-waterboy w-w-wyatts hydration management unit. The ex-bulldogs playing days are over due to a destroyed shoulder. Most likely a result of too much time spent ‘dutch ruddering’ in the Bulldogs changing shed. However, it’s widely known that becoming a part of the Eagles machine is genuine cure for softness…as proven by el-presidenté Sweaty.

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