Source Dest. Player Name Result App. Date Finalisation Date
Parkes Dubbo Demons Adams, Jacob Approved 2017-03-22 2017-03-24
Dubbo Demons Orange Tigers Adams, Jacob Approved 2017-04-27 2017-04-28
Parkes Dubbo Demons Avis, Joshua Pending 2017-03-22  
Dubbo Demons Northern Riverina FL Avis, Joshua Approved 2017-03-27 2017-03-30
Parkes Dubbo Demons Barber, Timothy Approved 2017-03-22 2017-03-24
Dubbo Demons Bathurst Giants Barber, Timothy Approved 2017-04-09 2017-04-19
Dubbo Demons Football Netball East Gippsland Barrier, Luke Approved 2017-06-14 2017-06-23
Dubbo Demons AFL NSW/ACT Representative Games Borwick, Khyle-Paul Approved 2017-06-28 2017-06-28
Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) Dubbo Demons Charlton-White, Bevan Approved 2017-05-05 2017-05-06
Dubbo Demons Wagga District Junior Football League Davis, Lachlan Approved 2017-03-02 2017-03-15
Dubbo Demons Orange Tigers Duffus, Patrick Approved 2017-04-24 2017-04-27
Central Midlands Coastal Football League Dubbo Demons Garlett, Brendan Approved 2017-05-19 2017-05-19
North Central Football League Dubbo Demons Gould, Dean Approved 2017-04-21 2017-04-27
Dubbo Demons AFL Queensland Gray, Roderick Pending 2017-04-03  
Dubbo Demons Broken Hill Football League Grundy, Matthew Approved 2017-05-05 2017-05-11
Eastern Football League (EFL) Dubbo Demons Hartnett, Liam Approved 2017-03-24 2017-03-29
Black Diamond AFL Dubbo Demons James, Michael Approved 2017-05-06 2017-06-20
Adelaide Footy League Dubbo Demons Karageorgos, Christos Approved 2017-06-20 2017-06-24
AFL Sydney Dubbo Demons Mackey, Ebony Approved 2017-03-21 2017-03-24
AFL Sydney Dubbo Demons Matic, Kieran Approved 2017-03-16 2017-03-21
AFL North West NSW Dubbo Demons Pearce, Hamish Approved 2017-03-16 2017-03-24
Dubbo Demons AFL NSW/ACT Representative Games Randall, Alex Approved 2017-06-28 2017-06-28
Adelaide Footy League Dubbo Demons Rigmany, Thomas Pending 2017-06-20  
Dubbo Demons Mininera and District Football League Wilkinson, Dylan Approved 2017-02-16 2017-03-22
Dubbo Demons AFL North West NSW Williams, Christopher Approved 2017-03-10 2017-03-18
Dubbo Demons South West District Football Netball League Williams, Corey Approved 2017-03-30 2017-04-01

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