Teams in General Club

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808's and Fast Breaks(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

ACTID Men(Belconnen Monday D Men)

All Stars(Tuggeranong Wednesday Social Mixed)

All Stars Dodgers(Belconnen Monday D Women)

Alley Poops(Belconnen Monday D Men)

Antelopes(Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

Bagoomba(Belconnen Monday C Men)

Basket Brawlers(Belconnen Thursday A Men)

Berg's Babies(Belconnen Wednesday B Men)

Blind Melons(Tuggeranong Wednesday Social Mixed)

Blue Chips(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Blue Chips(Tuggeranong Monday C Men)

Blue Flames(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Blue Flames(Tuggeranong Monday C Men)

Burley Griffin Lakers(Belconnen Wednesday D Men)

Canberra Pop Guns(Belconnen Monday D Men)

Celtics(Belconnen Monday C Women)

D@rtpigs(Belconnen Monday D Men)

Deep Sea Manatees(Belconnen Thursday A Men)

Dragons(Belconnen Wednesday C Men)

Eifer Magic(Belconnen Thursday A Men)

Electric Boogaloo(Belconnen Thursday A Men)

Flinstones(Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

Flint Tropics (Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Flop City(Belconnen Wednesday C Men)

Fortitude(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Full Court Press(Belconnen Wednesday D Men)

GM 39ers(Belconnen Monday C Men)

Golden Roast Ramblers(Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

Grannyshot(Belconnen Monday D Men)

Hardlys(Belconnen Thursday A Women)

Hellfish (Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Hellfish (Tuggeranong Monday C Men)

Hoopin' Aint Easy(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Previously Associated Competitions

Hoopin' Aint Easy(Tuggeranong Monday C Men)

Hoops n Hops(Belconnen Monday C Men)

Hoops, I did it again(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Jaded(Belconnen Monday C Women)

Jaffas (Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

Jims Ballers(Belconnen Wednesday B Men)

Jingles Bells(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Justice League(Belconnen Monday D Women)

Kareem of the Crop(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Killzamoi Killers (Belconnen Wednesday C Men)

KPMG(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

KPMG(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Lakers(Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

laser bolts(Belconnen Thursday A Women)

LeDelly Brondovas(Belconnen Monday B Men)

Little Rippers(Belconnen Monday B Men)

Longshots(Belconnen Monday C Women)

Looney Tunes(Belconnen Monday C Men)

Love SHAQ(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Majestic(U19 Girls Division 3)

Mighty Ducks(Belconnen Wednesday D Men)

MLC(Belconnen Wednesday D Men)

Munkeez(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Ninjas in Paris(Belconnen Wednesday C Men)

Optimus Dime(Belconnen Wednesday C Men)

Phoenix(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Potbelly(Belconnen Wednesday D Men)

Purple Cobras(Belconnen Monday D Women)

Raggies(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Rockets(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Rubies(Belconnen Thursday A Women)

Shake 'n' Bake(Belconnen Monday B Men)

Shakin' N Bakin'(Belconnen Monday D Women)

Shenanigans(Belconnen Wednesday B Men)

Shock Doctors(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Sonics(Belconnen Wednesday C Men)

Spryts(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

St Edmund's Old Boys(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

Steep(Belconnen Monday B Men)

Stormgirls(Belconnen Tuesday B Women)

SVS(Belconnen Monday D Women)

Swamp Donkeys(Belconnen Monday D Men)

The acquaintances(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

The China Shop Bulls(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

The Codgers(Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

The District(Belconnen Monday C Women)

Previously Associated Competitions

The District(Belconnen Monday B Women)

The Dwarfs(Belconnen Tuesday B Women)

The Hokages(Belconnen Monday D Men)

The Long 2s(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

The Pastey Mates (TPM)(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

The Revolution(Tuggeranong Monday C/D Men)

The Rookies(Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

The Shreking Crew(Belconnen Wednesday D Men)

The Wogans(Tuggeranong Wednesday Social Mixed)

Timberwolves(Belconnen Monday C Women)

TITANS (Belconnen Monday B Men)

TITANS(Belconnen Wednesday B Men)

TITANS(Belconnen Thursday A Men)

Top Gun(Tuggeranong Wednesday Social Mixed)

Travel Agents(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Triple Threat(Belconnen Tuesday B Women)

Vampires (Tuggeranong Monday Masters Men)

WCWD(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Weston Creek Woden Dodgers(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Wildcats(Belconnen Tuesday Social Mixed)

Woden Blues Ballers(Belconnen Wednesday C Men)

Wolves of Ball Street(Belconnen Wednesday D Men)