Managers Tool Kit

The Ginninderra Rats Committee would like to thank you for volunteering to be the manger for your child’s basketball team. Your assistance contributes greatly to the running of a smooth season.  Here is a list of the managers responsibilities, please talk to your age coordinator if you require further information.

The age coordinator will supply you with a team contact list.  The information will include player’s names, addresses, and email & phone numbers.  Please note that this list is confidential and at the end of the season any hard copies you may have made will need to be shredded and electronic copies should be deleted from your computer.

Also, please check with team’s families that they are happy to have their email address shared.  If not, send Bcc group emails.

Assisting the team:

• Inform parents of game times
• Organise a scoring bench roster (2 adults are required from each team for each game)
• Fill out the scoresheet with players singlet numbers
• If any player is not listed on the scoresheet, add their name.You will also need to add that players name and date of birth to the back of the scoresheet.
If you need to add a players name ot the scoresheet more than once, than it is likely that the player is not registered.  Please contact your Age Coordinator in this instance.
For further information on scoring procedues, please refer to the pdf Scoring Guide and Scoring Basics below.

Assisting the Coach:
• By performing the above duties you are supporting the coach and making their job easier.  It is a good idea at the beginning of the season to ask the coach what level of support they would like.  Some coaches would like the manger to be the contact person if a child is unavailable to play, whereas others may prefer to be the contact. If you require fill in players, your age coordinator will be able to assist you with this. 
• Assist with injuries
• Update coach on foul totals

Assisting the Age Coordinator:
• Pass on any information to the team that the age coordinator sends you

Please complete the ‘Junior Player Singlet Distribution Record’ form (located in Uniforms tab) for the team you are managing  and read the accompanying Junior Player Uniform Policy & Procedure

Ask parent/carers to sign for the singlet their child has been issued. Managers may sign singlets back in (initial & date) when returned. Please ensure all players return their singlets to you on the last day of the competition or earlier if they are leaving before the season is complete, reconcile and keep a copy of this completed sheet and forward a copy to the Uniform Coordinator at the start and end of each season.