The Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club has a long and successful history that we all can be proud of.

Formed in 1977, the Club has aided the development of many junior players into the ranks of Senior Competition in addition to players making it into the ranks of the NBL/WNBL such as Luc Longley and Natalie Hurst.

Our Club was established by a group of computer operators at the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in Canberra, who were looking for an organised sporting outlet rather than the irregular and varied sporting activities in which they were engaged. This group consisted of Peter Jackson, Peter Poke, Peter Williams, Bruce Minerds and Peter Caldwell.

As a result, a meeting was held in January 1977 at which the name and club colours were chosen and saw Peter Caldwell elected President, Peter Poke elected Secretary, Laurie Bowman elected Treasurer, and in his absence Peter Williams was appointed Coach, much to his dismay.

The Name
The name “Stats Rats” was “stolen” from a Tattslotto syndicate of which Jackson, Williams and Minerds were members.

The name has changed slightly over the years firstly to include ‘Ginninderra’ as the club took members from outside of the ABS and then to reflect our sponsorship with the Canberra Labor Club, so the club is registered as CLC Ginninderra Rats Basketball Club Incorporated.

The Uniform
The double blue colours were chosen because they were the colours of the South Australian football team supported by the most persuasive people at the January 1977 meeting, i.e. Graham Manouge and Bruce Minerds.

The Rats Logo
(Source: Email from Laura Hartley 14 September 2007)

John Hartley (Laura & Paula Hartley’s father) drew the logo back in the days the club was originally formed as “Stats Rats” and the club played games at the Civic YMCA.  He drew the logo for calico bags that Laura & Paula's mother had made and then their mother painted the logo on the bags; it took off from there. Laura & Paula played for the Rats for a good 10 years and were coached by Milton Valentine. Laura said her father jokes that he should have patented his design, now that he sees it on his granddaughter’s uniform!