Boundary Umpire Role

They Asked Me to Boundary Umpire - What Do I Do Now!

Without the support of many volunteers, our Breakers teams would never make it onto the field each week, and believe us we are very grateful for your wonderful support.

Boundary Umpires are required from Under 12 age levels onwards and being asked to help out by "running the boundary" is a great way to get a bit of exercise and get a great close up view of the game.

At the end of the day it is simply throwing the ball back in for the rucks to contest it, or signalling that the ball has passed over the line untouched without bouncing, so that the other team can kick it back in.

If you know the signals etc.. so much the better, but don't sweat it - perhaps even catch an AFL game on TV to pick up some pointers!

In the end , everyone just needs to know wether the ball is thrown back in by you, or kicked back in by a player - Oh and you and the other boundary umpire get the ball back to the field umpire after a goal has been scored

Here are some general tips, and again our thanks for your support of the Coolum Beach Breakers

Roles of the boundary umpire

The boundary umpire’s role is the boundary umpire’s responsibility to:
• Be the sole judge of when the ball is out of bounds.
• Apply the laws relating to boundary umpiring in accordance with the spirit of the laws.

Main duties
• Adjudicate when the ball has fully crossed the boundary line:
   – Out of bounds
   – On the full
• Throw the ball back into play when out of bounds.
• Return the ball to the field umpire after a goal is scored.
• Monitor the centre square for players entering or leaving during the centre bounce.


• If the ball bounces or rolls over the boundary line (or goes over without bouncing but is 'touched'), you blow your whistle and raise your arm as if you are asking a question at school - then throw it back in 5-8 metres to the ruck contest

• If the ball flies over the boundary line without bouncing or being touched, you blow your whistle and then signal with both arms out to your side like you are an 'airplane' - you then  point to the spot on the boundary line where you roughly believe the ball passed over and the field umpire will take care of the rest

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