Teams in Townsville

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Townsville Flames(QNJBC U18 Girls)
GameDayCode: 3334604124

Townsville Flames(QNJBC U16 Girls Div 1)
GameDayCode: 4096897323

Townsville Heat(QNJBC U18 Boys Div 1)
GameDayCode: 1321238006

Townsville Heat(QNJBC U16 Boys Div 1)
GameDayCode: 5968302298

Townsville Lightning(QNJBC U18 Boys Div 2)
GameDayCode: 6923540152

Townsville Lightning(QNJBC U16 Boys Div 2)
GameDayCode: 8311249258

Townsville Lightning(QNJBC U16 Girls Div 2)
GameDayCode: 6480273353

Previously Associated Competitions

Townsville Lightning(QNJBC U18 Girls)
GameDayCode: 6480273353