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Miramar Rangers


Founded in 1907, The Club caters for men, women and junior teams at all levels. 


Is the principal member of Team Wellington


Clubrooms:                           David Farrington Park (Formerly Centennial Park),  Miramar 04 388 2259


Chairperson:                        Peter Chote -


Postal Seniors:                     PO Box 15 119, Wellington 6243

Email Juniors:            

Postal Juniors:                     as Seniors


                                                Name:                                                                                                    Mobile:

Men’s Contact:                     Rosie Telford                                                                             021 266 1847

Women's Contact:              Rosie Telford                                                                             021 266 1847

Juniors Contact:                  Andrew Wilson                                                         

Director of Football:


                                                Shirts:                     Shorts:                    Socks:

First Choice Strip:                Black/Blue              Black                      Black

Alternate Strip:                     Red/White              Red                         White