Teams in Claudelands Rovers Sports Club (Inc)

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Claudelands Rovers U12 Fed(Federation Junior U12 League)

Claudelands Rovers U14(Federation Youth U14 League)

Claudelands Rovers U16 (Federation Youth Boys U16 League)

Claudelands Rovers U16 Fed Girls(Federation Youth Girls U16 League)

Claudelands Rovers Women(Womens Waikato A Competition)

Rovers Boys 8(Waikato Junior 8th Grade Red)

Rovers Dragons 10(Waikato Junior 10th Gde Gdg Red)

Rovers Nix 7(Waikato Junior 7th Grade White )

Rovers Pirates 13/14(Waikato Junior 13th/14th Gde Gdg Blue)

Rovers Rangers 8(Waikato Junior 8th Grade Blue)

Rovers Ravens U8 Girls(Waikato Junior U8 Girls Grade Aqua)

Rovers Renagades 12(Waikato Junior 12th Grade Gdg Blue)

Rovers Rockets 9(Wired Networks Ltd Waikato Junior 9th Gde Gdg Red)

Rovers Strikers 9(Wired Networks Ltd Waikato Junior 9th Gde Gdg White)

Rovers Thunderbirds 11(Waikato Junior 11th Gde Gdg Red)

Rovers U13 Girls(Waikato Junior U13 Girls Lime)

Rovers V8s 11(Waikato Junior 11th Gde Gdg Blue)

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