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Claudelands Rovers CRAFT Ladies(2017 Waikato Womens A Bowl)
GameDayCode: 2962353989

Claudelands Rovers Mens Pacers(Mens Waikato C Competition)
GameDayCode: 8594097478

Claudelands Rovers Mens B1 Wallys(Mens Waikato B Competition)
GameDayCode: 1615461893

Claudelands Rovers Mens B2 Squatters(Mens Waikato B Competition)
GameDayCode: 3591732365

Claudelands Rovers Mens C1 Cuckoos(Mens Waikato C Competition)
GameDayCode: 3112276422

Claudelands Rovers Mens C2 Vets(Mens Waikato C Competition)
GameDayCode: 3786185293

Claudelands Rovers Mens D2 Overstayers(Mens Waikato D - Bottom 5)
GameDayCode: 9277366780

Claudelands Rovers Mens Newbies(Mens Waikato D - Top 6)
GameDayCode: 7551038820

Claudelands Rovers U12 Fed(First National Federation Junior U12 League)
GameDayCode: 6724454194

Claudelands Rovers U14(Federation Youth U14 League - A)
GameDayCode: 6014778057

Claudelands Rovers U16 (Federation Youth Boys U16 League)
GameDayCode: 6551802755

Claudelands Rovers U16 Fed Girls(Federation Youth Girls U16 League)
GameDayCode: 6759504539

Claudelands Rovers Women(2017 Waikato Womens B Bowl)
GameDayCode: 5042488118

Rovers Boys 8(Waikato Junior 8th Grade Blue)
GameDayCode: 5859393825

Rovers Dragons 10(Waikato Plumbing & Gas 10th Gde Champ Black)
GameDayCode: 1240472150

Rovers Nix 7(Allfast Solutions Waikato Junior 7th Grade Red)
GameDayCode: 8050964158

Rovers Pirates 13/14(Waikato Junior 13th/14th Championship Div 2)
GameDayCode: 8448012229

Rovers Rangers 8(Waikato Junior 8th Grade Blue)
GameDayCode: 4805609633

Rovers Ravens U8 Girls(Waikato Junior U8 Girls Grade Lime)
GameDayCode: 3552268831

Rovers Renagades 12(Latham Builders Waikato Junior 12th Gde Champ Div 1)
GameDayCode: 3613389233

Rovers Rockets 9(Wired Networks Ltd Waikato Junior 9th Gde Champ Cobalt)
GameDayCode: 9576443161

Rovers Strikers 9(Wired Networks Ltd Waikato Junior 9th Gde Champ Grey)
GameDayCode: 2391225640

Rovers Thunderbirds 11(Waikato Junior 11th Gde Champ Div 3)
GameDayCode: 2893953334

Rovers U13 Girls(Waikato 12th Grade Knockout Plate Competition)
GameDayCode: 4886094386

Rovers U13 Girls(Waikato Junior U13 Girls Champ Div 2)
GameDayCode: 4886094386

Rovers V8s 11(Waikato 11th Grade Knockout Cup Competition)
GameDayCode: 6801303413

Rovers V8s 11(Waikato Junior 11th Gde Champ Premier)
GameDayCode: 6801303413

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