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There are several types of Rovers club apparrel. We have uniforms, warm up tops and hoodies. 

What to do to order a uniform

What you need to do is go into TWP at 33 Tarkin Crt Bell Park get the sizes for shorts and top and let our uniform co ordinator Vanessa Hynam know so she can order. Vanessa's Contact details are 0409 040 131 or dvbb@bigpond.com There is normally a 4-6 week delay between order and delivery. Cost of a uniform is $90.  TWP are open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Vanessa can also provide you with a loan uniform while you are waiting for your uniform to arrive.


Hoodies and Warm up tops

For hoodies and warm up tops  the same process applies as uniforms.

The cost of a hoodie is $55 with your name on the back and $45 without.

The cost of a warm up top is $35


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