Teams in Bayswater Lacrosse Club

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Bayswater (13's)(2017 Men's 13's)
GameDayCode: 3336195948

Bayswater (13's)(2017 Women's 13's)
GameDayCode: 3782846513

Bayswater (15's)(2017 Men's 15's)
GameDayCode: 5440834202

Bayswater (17's)(2017 Men's 17's)
GameDayCode: 1448560289

Bayswater (9's)(2017 Women's 9's)
GameDayCode: 8677498982

Bayswater (A Reserve)(2017 Women's A Reserve)
GameDayCode: 9214080151

Bayswater (Div 2)(2017 Men's Division 2)
GameDayCode: 7620458831

Bayswater (Div 3)(2017 Men's Division 3)
GameDayCode: 2268344014

Bayswater (State League)(2017 Men's State League)
GameDayCode: 5987710050

Bayswater Cherokees 1 (U11)(2017 Men's 11's)
GameDayCode: 4139498170

Bayswater Green (11's)(2017 Men's 11's)
GameDayCode: 6278539124

Bayswater Green (17's)(2017 Women's 17's)
GameDayCode: 4385202555

Bayswater Lacrosse Club(2017 Women's 9's)
GameDayCode: 9198074069

Bayswater Lacrosse Club A Reserve(2017 Women's A Reserve)
GameDayCode: 6770311150

Bayswater Red (11's)(2017 Men's 11's)
GameDayCode: 4189123739

Bayswater Red (17's)(2017 Women's 17's)
GameDayCode: 3790611014

Bayswater/Swan Christian (17's)(2017 Women's 17's)
GameDayCode: 1541758679

Union (A Grade)(2017 Women's A Grade)
GameDayCode: 6303613772

Union A Reserve Team(2017 Women's A Reserve)
GameDayCode: 7388358174