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Does my child need to do both Auskick and Pre-season training?

  • If they are registering for Under 6, yes absolutely.  It is compulsory for Under 6 players to be registered for Auskick in the same year they are completely Under 6.  Even if it is after the season i.e. in Term 3 or Term 4.
  • If they have played Juniors in the previous year, no.  It is entirely up to you whether you wish to complete Auskick again.  Please note that you get some great gear and tickets to Brisbane Lions games if you sign up for Auskick before the cut off dates.  Check out more information on the Auskick website by googling nabAuskick.
  • If they are aged 8 years old and upwards, no.  It is entirely up to you whether you wish to complete Auskick again.  Please note that you get some great gear and tickets to Brisbane Lions games if you sign up for Auskick before the cut off dates.  Check out more information on the Auskick website by googling nabAuskick.

Don’t forget our Auskick program is run pre-season and is great fun for the whole family to get in and get involved in footy.  You also only sign up once, and still get to complete any and all Auskick programs in the area for the whole calendar year!!!  Keep you receipt handy and your child can attend any afterschool program at any local school without any additional fees.  Just rock up and continue your footy fun!


What gear does my child need for Auskick and Juniors?

  • For Auskick you only need great enthusiasm.  Sneakers and t-shirts are fine for the sessions.  If you already have boots, they do help but are not compulsory.
  • For Juniors your child will require the following.
    • To own and wear club shorts and socks.  If they have not yet purchased these, black shorts can be wore but club colours are an AFLBJ requirement on the field.
    • A mouthguard.  These can be from a dentist, chemist or mouthguard specialist.  Check out advertising at the canteen if there is a specialist visiting the club pre-season.
    • Football boots.  Most sports now have similar types of boots but they must be moulded on the base – no metal or screw in spikes.  These are checked by the umpire before each game.  Check out advertising at the canteen and the Sponsorship Page for any deals for club members.
    • Club polo for arriving to the game.  It is club policy that each child wears a club polo to arrive and leave each game, be it a home or an away game.
    • Club guernsey.  These are provided by the club for the season.  They are washed each week via a roster system and are returned back to the club at the end of the year.
    • Headgear, ‘skins’, eye glasses.  Please see our page Uniform Requirements for more information.


When and Where are the games held?

  • In season games are held on Saturday mornings, with a few on a Friday night.  Time and location depends on the draw, usually released over the Easter holidays for Rounds 1 to 3, and then the rest of the season by Round 4.
  • AFLBJ (AFL Brisbane Juniors League) and AFLQueensland divide Brisbane into zones and from there, into sections.  This is to ensure parents have less travel time to get to games from Under 6 through to Under 10.  Less travel equals more family fun times.  For example, in 2016 the Under 6 team was in Brisbane North Gold and the Under 10 team was in Brisbane North Blue. 
  • They will always be teams from clubs closet to us such as but not limited to – Ferny Grove, Wilston Grange, Everton Park, Kedron, Mayne and/or Aspley.  Addresses for all the clubs are on the Dragons and the AFLBJ websites.
  • Always check the Dragons website for the Fixture/Results page, make sure you are getting weekly email from your Team Manger or at the very least, check out the AFLBJ website.
  • Under 11’s are slightly different as there are fewer teams so travel may extend out to other suburbs around Brisbane. 


  • For Youth Football, games are held on Sunday mornings.  Opposition teams depend entirely on which division your team is assigned.  There first few rounds of the Youth football season are known as Trial Rounds.  These are to see where, on the skills scale, your team sits, compared to other teams nearby.  From there, AFLBJ will assign the teams into Division 1 through to 4 or 5.  Opposition teams will be from all over the Brisbane area.


I can’t volunteer for the game I have been assigned.  What do I do?

  • If you know of a weekend or time period you are not available, please let your team manager know as soon as possible.  They can then work around to ensure the roster is fair for everyone.
  • If this is a last minute drama, let your team manager know so they can assign another parent to help out.  If you are able to arrange for another family to swap with, text or email the Team Manager the name of the person filling in for you, and tell them the date you will be swapping it for.
  • If there is a weekly problem with helping out, please talk with the Team Manager, Coach, President or even the Coaching Coordinator.  There are always way to ensure jobs get completed even when things get complicated.  There are several options available for families who are unable to help volunteering but we would prefer the family volunteer as this helps not only the club, but also the team and boosts team bonding.


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