Club Committee

The Gap Dragons Current Club Committee

Executive Committee

President: Richard Nancarrow  


Vice President: Shane McConnell

Secretary: Jane Harder

Treasurer: Robert Dickson

Registrar: Michael Higgins


General Committee

Sponsorship: Damon Harder

Social Media/Website: David Pawsey

Fundraising Coordinator: Liz Nancarrow


Coaching Committee

Coaching Coordinator: Reon Chapman

Auskick Coordinator: Damon Harder


Are you interested in joining our wonderful committed committee members?  Email the club at and join in our next meeting.

Description of all roles on the Executive, General and Main Coaching Committees as follows.

Executive Committee – At least two must attend each meeting
Job Description Summary Time - Approximate
President Attend Official and Social Functions Functions – varies
Attend Brisbane Junior Meetings every three months 2 hours at Yeronga 3 times a year,
Attend Dragons Meetings once a month 2 hours in The Gap, each month
Attend President Conference end of Oct each year – three days in Caloundra. Fri night to Sunday afternoon Conference
Vice-President Attend Dragons meetings, once a month 2 hours in The Gap
Fill in for President for Official Functions as required Varies
Attend any AFLQLD or AFLBJ meeting if President cannot, including Conference  
Secretary Attend Dragons meetings once a month 2 hours in The Gap each month
Write agenda with President  
Write minutes and send to committee Agenda – 30mins
Keep track of email discussions and write a summary at the end Minutes – 1.5 hours
Check mail box each week  
Check emails each week  
Treasurer Attend Dragons Meetings once a month 2 hours in The Gap once a month
Write Reports and create a Balance sheet for meeting Report – 1 hour
Keeps all documents Checking varies
Check all bills have been paid  
Registrar Main contact for the Dragons Jan to Mar – busy
Sign-on days for Juniors (Feb) and Auskick Season April to August – on and off
Keep track of registering and paperwork for all Juniors Attend Dragons Meeting – 2 hours once a month in The Gap
Document injuries/games played/insurance claims with help from team managers  
General Committee – At least two must attend each meeting, or 33% of whole committee
Job Description Summary Time - Approximate
Sponsorship Director Attend Dragons meetings once a month 2 hours in The Gap once a month
Source new and maintain current sponsors Varies throughout the season
Main point of contact for Sponsors  
Update sponsor profiles on website  
Invite Sponsors to club events  
Social Media Update website as required Jan – busy with updates
Update links to other sites During season varies
Update facebook page as required  
Social Events Family Fun Day in March Varies throughout the season
Jumper Presentation in March
Organise any extra events including -- Trivia Night, Pie Night, Mother’s Day, Sunday in the Park, Father’s Day afternoon etc.
End of Year Function in August
Trophy Day in August or September
Fundraiser coordinator Major fundraiser events such as Bunning’s BBQ, Trophy Day raffle, any special events raffle etc. Varies throughout the season
Social Events to use as fundraiser
Product fundraisers such as Shoe clip Company, Cookie dough, lolly jars etc.
Grants Coordinator Gather a list of grants available Varies
Submit requests Free training via Council
Most are via forms on websites – must have computer knowledge  
Promotions Keeps the general public aware of the Dragons Busy Nov to Mar
Chase up reports from coaches to send into local paper  
Write up articles to send to local media outlets Varies rest of the year
School fetes – call around if tables and promotional displayed are available  
Visit after-school Auskick sessions to promote local club  
Canteen Manager Shopping for supplies 1 hour shopping
Keep a stocktake of supplies, weekly reports, petty cash  
Pre-Season, During Auskick and Pre-season training 2 hours
In-Season, Every Saturday from 8am set up until last game 1 to 3 hours Sat, varies
Volunteer Coordinator Keeps track of all volunteers within the club  Varies throughout the year
Organises the voting for “Dragon of the Year” award
Enters Dragon members for any outside volunteer awards
Finds/Rounds up volunteers for any social or fundraising events
Grounds Manager Book umpires 10mins once a week
Check grounds are suitable to play on each Saturday morning during the season and complete insurance paperwork Possible Wed afternoon at training
Assist Coaches to mark out oval in line with the rules of AFL  Saturday mornings throughout the season
Assist Team Managers volunteers for game day - wearing correct bibs and have filled out paperwork  
Double check everything has been packed away neatly.  
General Member Attend Dragons Meetings once a month 2 hours in The Gap once a month
Main Coaching Committee    
Job Description Summary Time - Approximate
Auskick Coordinator Sign on Day in February Weekend in Feb
Every Sunday from 8:30am to 10:30am in Feb/March/April – 8 week program Sunday mornings Feb to April - 2 hours
Newsletters, emails etc to keep the Auskick families involved in the club Varies
Attend at least one After School Auskick at each school in the area to promote the club. Varies
Coaching Coordinator Attend AFLBJ Start of Year Meeting Coordinator meetings three times a year
Organise player registrations and team allocations  
Recruit players, coaches and managers for teams Saturday morning April to August
Submit team nominations to AFLBJ at season commencement Varies
Manage team Officials ID’s, Certification and Blue Cards at season start Varies – increases to end of Aug
Attend Training for coordinators three or so times a year  
Attend most games if possible/required – across the teams Wed afternoons April to August
Keeps track of all communications between coaches regarding teams  
Submit any official correspondence to AFLBJ regarding coach requests, rule clarifications etc. Prior to Season Commencement
End of Year – organises photos, trophies, presentation etc. Up to 2 hours per week admin in lead up to season commencement
Talks to Team Managers after training each week  
Measure and provide feedback to individual coaches and maximise development and coaching program.  
Provide AFLBJ rule interpretation updates and information  
Apply club procedures in regards to complaints  
Support all coaches with equipment needs, technical queries and advice  
Attend AFL Coaching Co-ordinators course prior to starting the role.  





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2019 Coaching positions are NOW OPEN

The Gap Dragons JAFC is seeking expressions of interest for ALL 2019

coaching positions.

 If you are interested, please email directly to:

by Friday 30th November





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Players from Roys (aged 5 - 7) to Under 11 for season 2019

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Ground details

Our Home ground is at The Gap State High School, 1020 Waterworks Road, The Gap.

Use the Main (first) entrance off Waterworks Road.  Follow the road on the left hand side down to the oval.  There is some parking down at the Oval.

There is no access to the Oval via the second entrance near the church. 



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