Team Mgrs & Game Volunteers

Throughout the season, we need the help of many volunteers to ensure games are planned, controlled and able to be played.

Our Team Managers are the key to any game day.  They coordinate and control all admistration and violutneers required for the game. 

Our other volunteers carry out various roles such as; Goal Umpire, Runner, Boundary Umpire (1 or 2), Water Carrier (1 to 4), Jumper washer, Fruit Provider, Team Sheet Coordinator, First Aid Officer (Home Games), Ground Marshal (Home Games), Time Keeper (Home Games), Canteen x2 (Home Games), Ground Setup & Pack up (goal posts, pads, markers etc) (Home Games) and Scoreboard Attendant (Home Games).

All our Team Managers and all our volunteers that come into direct contact with players on a regular basis, are Blue Card holders.

This page provides information about Team Manager and volunteer courses and a number of resources required for game days, including rules and regulations.

Team Manager & Volunteer Resources:

AFLBJ Rules & Regulations - A must to know!!!

AFLBJ Required Forms - Some are Game Day forms

AFLBJ Policies - Includes Photography Policy

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