Media Exclusion Form

The EDSC recognises the risk that posting information about a child on an Internet site or in a magazine or newspaper may potentially be used by criminals to locate and target children. Also, it is possible for images to be used and adapted for inappropriate and unlawful purposes.

The EDSC assumes permission to record and reproduce portions of sound, video clips or photographs of players taken in the course of their EDSC activities for purposes associated with the promotion of the EDSC. Examples of promotions are but are not limited to - posts on our facebook page, on our website, in our newsletter and in our year book. EDSC will assume parents permit images and the name of their children to be used.

The EDSC does not prevent parents, other family members and guardians from taking images of games in which their child is participating and will authorise people to take images of games and events from time to time for promotional purposes.

Please complete this Media Exclusion Form to DENY permission for EDSC to publish your child’s name or photo.

Please return this form to your team Manager, a Committee Member or email a copy to

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