Football Policy

The EDSC does not have a ‘win-at-all-costs’ attitude. The club has always had junior development and family values as its goals. Our aim is to provide a great football experience for each child so they want to come back the next year.

We also want to make sure each child learns new skills in a safe and supportive environment. It is for this reason we require all coaches to have an appropriate qualification and all coaches and managers to have a ‘blue card’. These rules are all part of our obligations in regard to the protection of the rights, interests and wellbeing of children.

The Committee has adopted and implemented the AFLBJ Child Protection Policy.

The Everton Wolves has been described as a ‘boutique club’ and we think that is about right: a small club with a big heart – family friendly, player friendly and community friendly.

The EDSC endeavours to field at least one team in each age group. If there are not enough players in one age group to form a team, the preferred option is for those players to play in the next age group to ensure all players have the opportunity to play. However, this decision needs to be made in consultation with parents and considering the player’s physical and mental capacity to participate in the older group.


The EDSC will endeavour to nominate each team in Youth Football for a Division the suits the ability of the majority of the team. The Division nominated should be challenging but not so difficult, that success(1) is clearly unattainable. All nominations are the initial responsibility of the Director of Football in consultation with Coaches. It is club policy that parents then be consulted prior to any team nomination for a Division or when the opportunity to change a Division is available. All nominations must be ratified by the Committee prior to being forwarded to the AFLBJ.

Team Selection

Our policy is simple – maximum participation. We ask every Coach to make sure every player gets the opportunity to spend as much time on the field as possible. Although in reality this may translate to ‘equitable’ rather than equal, we do not support always playing the most talented players at the expense of players still developing or learning the game.

Where there is more than one team in an age group we do not support the most talented players being placed in one team. If this occurs it is through accident, not design.

We recognise that many players come to the club to be with their friends. Requests for players to be in the same team will be honoured where possible, however, when numbers dictate otherwise this is not always available. It is helpful if we know such requests as soon as possible and before team lists are finalised (usually after the first week or two of official training).

Helping Other Teams

Where a team is short of players, it is club policy that coaches will cooperate to ensure players eligible to play from other teams are invited to play. It is not appropriate that a coach hinders in any way this process. The only acceptable reason for players not being invited to help other teams is on the express wishes of the parent/guardian.


Each team is encouraged to have low-key awards at the end of each game that recognise good codes of conduct on and off the field, good contributions to the team and/or good play on the day. These awards are not meant to continually recognise the most skilled players.

At the end of the year, all Junior players (non-competitive teams) receive an award to recognise their contribution at training and in games but no individual awards are given. The Youth Football teams also receive a recognition award but also have the opportunity to receive one or more of the individual awards on offer.

We also recognise playing milestones as they occur (if we can) during the season and at the awards night. The club keeps records of all of the games played and will inform Team Managers of 50 game, 100 game etc milestones in advance.


1 Success at EDSC is not limited to the score at the end of the game. Success for the Everton Wolves is the attainment of the club goals and mission through the club values.

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