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2016 Morningside JAFC Pre Season Testing
Top 3 by Age Group (Based on players actual age at time of testing)
Standing Vertical Jump  
32cm Jack Kelly    
32cm Cooper Westerhuis  
28cm Oliver Glasgow-Abbey
28cm Oliver Arklay  
Running Vertical Jump  
49cm Cooper Westerhuis  
39cm Jack Kelly    
37cm Oliver Glasgow-Abbey
AFL Agility Test    
9.06 Cooper Westerhuis  
9.67 Oliver Glasgow-Abbey
10.73 Oliver Arklay  
20m Sprint    
3.67 Cooper Westerhuis  
3.89 Jack Kelly    
3.93 Oliver Glasgow-Abbey
Beep Test    
10.5 Cooper Westerhuis  
10.3 Oliver Glasgow-Abbey
9.1 Jack Kelly    
Standing Vertical Jump  
54cm Charlie Cole  
44cm Taj Woewodin  
41cm Harrison Smythe  
Running Vertical Jump  
59cm Taj Woewodin  
58cm Charlie Cole  
51cm Harrison Smythe  
AFL Agility Test    
8.61 Taj Woewodin  
8.86 Will Spencer  
9.21 Harrison Smythe  
20m Sprint    
3.40 Taj Woewodin  
3.49 Damian Martin  
3.51 Mitchel Bruce  
Beep Test    
11.1 Charlie Cole  
10.4 Harrison Smythe  
9.9 Taj Woewodin  
Standing Vertical Jump  
51cm Ryan Cole  
47cm Yiannni Saroglou  
43cm Riley Martin  
Running Vertical Jump  
59cm Liam Child  
55cm Ryan Cole  
55cm Riley Martin  
AFL Agility Test    
8.76 Yianni Saroglou  
8.96 Deklan Wille  
9.09 Zak Clarkson  
20m Sprint    
3.44 Liam Child  
3.45 Yianni Saroglou  
3.46 Ryan Cole  
Beep Test    
11.5 Zac Clarkson  
11.4 Ryan Cole  
11.4 Dekaln Wille  
Standing Vertical Jump  
59cm Lachlan Amore  
45cm Connor McGrath  
45cm Tom Lampacher  
Running Vertical Jump  
80cm Lachlan Amore  
59cm O'Neill Moncrieff  
59cm Tom Lampacher  
AFL Agility Test    
8.96 Tom Lampacher  
9.30 Lachaln Amore  
9.55 Josh Gibbs  
20m Sprint    
3.11 Lachlan Amore  
3.37 Tom Lampacher  
3.41 Josh Gibbs  
Beep Test    
12.4 Tom Lampacher  
11.7 O'Neill Moncrieff  
11.5 Lachlan Amore  

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Notice Board

GIRLS PLAY FOOTY TOO! Like to play footy for Morningside AFC? To ensure the best possible start to 2018 season we are asking all female player's senior, youth and junior to complete the Women's and Girls Football Expression of Interest  form found under the Documents section of this website, and return at your earliest convenience to at MAFC or to Meg Pullinger / 3394 2198 at AFLQ.

CALLING ALL YOUTH PLAYERS U12-U17! If you're a youth footballer with a passion for the game, a drive to be a better leader and role model, and a love of the Panthers...our Juniors need you! This season we are introducing a new inititiative where U12-U17 Youth players can take on a mentoring role with one of our Junior Teams. Read More

WANT TO GET INVOLVED?: We always need the support of parents to ensure a successful season for our teams. Are you a great organiser? Maybe you could apply to be a Team Manager. Do you have a wealth of footy knowledge and great communication skills? We could use your help as a coach or assistant. There are many other roles that need filling on a regular basis throughout the season. Please contact us at