Complaints Procedure

Should a player, coach, manager, parent or other member of the Pine Rivers Swans AFC Inc wish to lodge a complaint or appeal a decision of the management committee, the following procedure will be followed:

Step 1: An informal approach may be made to the relevant party or a member of the management committee or the Senior Player’s advocate. Notes will be kept and negotiations may result in an acceptable outcome.

Step 2: Should negotiations not resolve the issue, written details of the complaint are to be completed on the Complaints and Appeals Form. This is to be forwarded to the President who will notify the management committee and forward a written response to the complainant.

Step 3: If requested an interview will be conducted by a member/s of the management committee with the parties concerned. At this time an advocate or witnesses may be present or an independent member be requested to form part of the interviewing team.

Step 4: After reviewing and evaluating the evidence a decision will be confirmed and outcomes of the process documented and signed by the parties. A copy is to be provided to the parties concerned.

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