Junior Player Code of Conduct

The Pine Rivers Swans Australian Football Club Inc fully supports the codes of conduct as introduced by the AFL and AFL Queensland.


  • Play by the rules – the rules of your club and the laws of the game.
  • Never argue with an umpire or other official – without these people, you can’t play football.
  • Control your temper - verbal abuse of officials and sledging other players doesn’t help you enjoy or win any games.
  • Be a team player – It’s a team game, treat it that way.
  • Treat all players as you would like to be treated – fairly.
  • Co-operate with your coach, the umpires and team-mates.
  • Play for your own enjoyment and to improve your skills.
  • Don’t use ugly remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability – you’ll let down your coach, teammates and family if you do – and  many such comments are actually illegal.


  • Remember that you are there for the participants to enjoy the game.
  • Encourage participation, but don’t force it.
  • Teach that enjoyment is more important than winning.
  • Never ridicule mistakes or losses – supporters are there to support not downgrade.
  • Lead by example and respect all players, coaches, umpires and spectators – physical or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
  • Recognise all volunteers who are giving up their valuable time.
    Never publicly criticise umpires – raise personal concerns with club officials in private.
  • Don’t use ugly remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability – you’ll let down your family and yourself if you do – and many such comments are actually illegal.

By registering our child with the Pine Rivers Australian Football Club we agree to abide by these principles. We support the Club in its undertakings and encourage the Club to take any necessary disciplinary actions including the suspension and banning where warranted of any players, parents and or spectators for repeated or serious breaches of these Codes of Conduct.

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