2014 Club Sponsors

St George Bank - Toombul


Mayne JAFC is proud to advise that it has secured a sponsorship with St George Bank (StGB) – Toombul that will see St George Bank provide financial and operational support to the club for the next 3 years. St george are committed to supporting local community based sporting organisations and will make a donation to the club for any accounts or loans established by Mayne members or their families.

Thank you to Mark Gordon for helping to arrange this meeting and to Daisy Pillay, Leigh Hathaway and Ann Hogan at St George Toombul for supporting the Mayne JAFC - We look forward to developing a long and mutually beneficial relationship together!

Metro Ford Newstead


Mayne JAFC is proud to advise that it has secured another sponsor for the 2014 season with Metro Ford at Newstead agreeing to support the club. Thankyou to Mark Miller and Barb Driver from Metro Ford for their generous donation and offer of support. Metro Ford is keen to support the club by donating a contribution to the club for every car purchased by a club member.

So if your in the market for a great Ford Car, drop in and see Mark and his friendly sales team and just mention that you are a member of the Mayne Tigers and they will look after you. You will not only get a great car, but you will supporting the Mayne tigers as welll. 

We look forward to developing a long and mutually beneficial relationship together!

Ford - Go Further!!!




Breakfast Creek Hotel


Dear Members:

As you know by now, the Mayne Junior and Senior clubs sell raffles tickets at the Breakfast Creek Hotel every Friday night at 5:30 PM to raise funds for the respective clubs. This fund raising activity continues every Friday night throughout the year. While the clubs appreciate that parents and chilren lead busy lives, we really need your support where possible to keep this valuable funding stream going. The Mayne Football club has been doing this every Friday night since 1945!!!

I am not sure if you know, but these raffles raise approximately $9000 for the Junior club each year. To put that in context, this equates to over $70 per player. If this fund raising did not occur the club would have no other choice but to raise registration fees, something that we do not want to do.

We have enough people in the club so that each family only need do this once or twice a year - not alot to ask - 2 hours per year!!

So, I urge you please, grab some friends and your family over the holidays come down to the iconic Brekky Creek Hotel grab a meal and help us sell some raffle tickets - its good fun and you get to meet some great people! The kids can even have a kick around on the grass area out the front!

Thank-you for your continued support.

Regards, Steve Curnow - Mayne Junior Club President


The Unacknowledged Sponsors of Mayne JAFC/AFC

Please see below for examples of people that generously support our great club - The unacknowledged club sponsors. Thankyou to all Breaky creek Patrons that unselfishly support these raffles every week. Without your contribution we wouldn't be able to operate and provide a quality AFL sporting experience to Brisbane kids - Thanks again.

The Unacknowledged Club Sponsors

One-Off Big Buyers

On Friday at the Breakfast Creek Raffles I had a bloke in his 30s ask before he bought tickets what we were raising the money for.  I said it goes to my son’s junior football club.  He asked what code.  I said AFL at which he gave some pretty negative comments.  He then handed me a $100 bill and said since it was kids’ sport he wanted to buy $20 worth of tickets in the first raffle.  He again bought $20 of tickets in the second raffle and asked how many raffles there were.  While we were waiting for the sellers to return for the second raffle draw he came up to me and handed me $80 and said he wanted $20 in each of the remaining raffles.

He did not win a tray.  I went and saw him after the last draw and thanked him for his support and sorry he didn’t win a tray.  He said something along the lines: “it would have been nice to win a tray, but anything for kids sport was worthwhile putting money towards.”  He then said I’ll probably be down again before Christmas and he’d see me then for tickets.

A few times a year we’ll have a person similarly buy tickets.  They have nothing to do with Mayne, yet they’ll spend big so that our children have the money for our club to operate.

The Regular Buyers

Driving home from the Breakfast Creek the other Friday night I thought about the regular ticket buyers that buy tickets every week.  Prior to the start of the 6 trays a night in 2013, they’d spend $10 a night for at least 40 Fridays a year.  They are now spending $12 each Friday night.  So each year I’ve been a regular seller at the Raffles (about 6 years) they have been spending at least $400 a year which supports the Mayne Juniors, and they have no affiliation with our club.

The Regular Big Buyers

I was at the Nundah Farmer Markets on Sunday and ran into a person (“W”) who used to spend $30 on raffle tickets each Friday night at our Breakfast Creek meat tray raffles.  I hadn’t seen “W” down the Creek for quite a while.  “W” was getting around the markets in a wheel-chair as he was missing his left leg.  He’d had it amputated earlier this year.  He had a great attitude as he was telling me it was slowing him down a bit, but at home he was up and around on crutches, and having his right leg was still able to drive.  “W” asked how the raffles were going.

I recall having a drink with “W” one night a number of years ago and he told me that he believed that selling raffle tickets to raise money for kids sport was a great thing for Australian children, and that was why he bought the tickets.

“W’ had been down the Creek spending $30 a night when I first started selling ticket about 10 years ago when my oldest boy was in Under 8s.  I don’t know how long “W” had been buying tickets before my boys started at the club.  Doing the sums that means “W” would have spent over $12,000 over 10 years helping the children enjoy playing AFL for Mayne Juniors.

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