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Match report - Round 7 - 09 June 2013 - Tigers v Redland Sharks

Went down to Victoria Point on the weekend to take on the Redland Sharks in overcast conditions and a wet ground.

A mighty game of footy was played with both teams giving there all for the entire 60 minutes unfortunately there had to be a loser and that was us.

Four times we hit the post and one touched on the goal line and about sums up our luck in front of goals on the day.

I was very proud of our guys effort we played to the game plan and I was pleased with that.

Many fine performances on the day, Jack, Adam and Jake were solid down back with Jacky marking very well in the conditions.

Ethan, Sebby and Kyle who put in his best performance of the season at half back and in the ruck.

Our onballers were great as usual Joe, Zac, Lachy and Nick. With Nick having the play of the day bringing the ball in from full back with help from Jacky and Joe taking it all the way down to the forwards and kicking a great goal.

Sherfy and Dylan were dangerous up forward all game with Jarrod also working hard. Young Gus had a fine game working at getting the hard ball and Lukies form is just getting better by the week.

We did enough to win but just didn't take our chances ,that's footy.

Scores Redlands 5 8 38 Mayne 3 8 26.

Goalkickers Sherfy ,Dylan and Nick.

Best Kyle ,Nick, Zac ,Joe ,Sherfy,Luke and Gus

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Match report - Round 6 - 02 June 2013 - Tigers v Cooparoo Roos

We played a very good Cooparoo on the weekend where the effort did not match the result.

Sure the Roos were a better team but not as much as the scoreboard indicated.

I was very pleased with the second half except for the wasted opportunities in the forward line where we more than matched them so don't be to hard on yourselves guys.

Some good highlights in the game where Maddy kicked her first goal in footy and played her best game of the season.

Diggers finally came up trumps and had his best game as well.

Lachy tried hard like he always does. Nick and Joe were our best again they are terrific skippers of our team who just work themselves so hard all game.

Sammy on 1 leg was just so good I would like to see him fit because he is such a valuable player to this team. Zac worked his butt off, just needs to use the ball better to be a top player.

Jake took a few grabs, and Sherfy played a lone roll up forward and did well in the last term up back along with Miller.

Some good work on the track should fix our faults.

Goalkickers Maddy ,Sherfy and Jacky 1 each.

Best players Joe, Nick, Diggers, Maddy, Lachy, Sherfy and Zac

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Match report - Round 5 - 26 May 2013 - Tigers v Yeronga Devils

We played Yeronga at the Devils home ground.

The game was a fairly tight one until half time with the Tigers with probably more ball than the Devils being 10 points down at the long break.

Then we played our worst term of the year and our opponents to there credit taking full advantage of it.

The last term was pretty even but it was too late then.

The thing that I was most disappointed about is we at our best could have won that game. Too many fumbles, not looking when we kick the ball, no running to give us options up the field and the lack of effort sometimes at the contest. We will get better!

There were some fine players on the day that kept us in the game, Nick with his running, Joe and his workrate and Sammy just terrific on one leg. Ethan and Adam gave us 4 solid quarters. Sherfy from limited opportunities Lukie Cresdee had his best outing this season, Miller and Seb tried hard along with Jack. We just made too many mistakes on the day.

Scores Yeronga 8 11 59. Mayne 3 7 35.

Goalkickers Sherfy 2 and Joe 1.

Best Players Joe, Nick, Sammy, Ethan, Sherfy, Adam and Luke C.

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Match report - Round 4 - 19 May 2013 - Tigers v Ipswich Cats

On a fine windy Sunday morning we took on the Ipswich Cats in which turned out to be a very interesting and exciting contest.

From the first bounce to the final siren you never were quite sure who would win with the Cats leading at 1/4 and 3/4 time but in the end the mighty Tigers snuck home with little Slats winning a hard won free kick late in the game where he got hurt and Nick took the kick and goaled to seal it after Sherfy booted a fine major to put us back in front.

It was our finest performance of the season, just one bad patch in the first term where they kicked 3 of there 5 goals.

I asked for effort and I got it in spades after 1/4 time. With Zac and Nick in sublime form winning so many possessions and using the ball well.

But they were not the only ones; the full back line of Jake, Jacky and Adam were superb in defence with Seb and Miller doing there job.

Joe tackling everything that moved and Sammy giving a great effort on 1 leg. Ethan's education in footy is coming along nicely. Sherfy showed us some never before seen running skills had a crack at the contest all day and Kyle worked hard. Oscar to his credit after being taken off early bounced back in the 2nd half with a much better performance.

Good win against a much bigger side,the song was with a lot of passion and pride.

Good on you guys.

Scores Mayne 6 9 45 Ipswich 5 5 35

Goalkickers Nick 3 Sherfy 2 and Kyle 1.

Best Players Nick, Zac, Adam, Sherfy, Joe, Jack and Jake

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Match report - Round 3 - 12 May 2013 - Tigers v Redcliffe

Mothers day we played our fellow Tigers Redcliffe, In which we competed well for 2 thirds of the game but we were horrible for the other third.

We started very poorly with Redcliffe kicking 5 goals in the first stanza ,we must have been asleep because they weren't that good.

We worked after that and played ok at times,Lachy tried hard against bigger opponents,Kyle played a fine second half as did Adam.

Slats worked hard in the forward pocket ,Dylan was our most productive forward all day. Ethan made a fine debut for the club in his 1st game of rules and will get a lot better with more footy.

We did have 3 standouts who played simply great footy all day Zac, Sammy and our skipper Nick who didn't stop running all game ,well done boys I was most impressed.

We need to start well to win and that will be the aim this Sunday. We are better than what we showed on the weekend and I hope that was a wake up call for us.

Scores Redcliffe 11 8 74 vs. Mayne 3 3 21.

Goalkickers ,Sam ,Zac and Tom 1 each .

Best Nick ,Zac ,Sammy ,Dylan ,Slats ,Kyle and Ethan

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Match report - Round 2 - 05 May 2013 - Tigers v Mount Gravatt Vultures

We traveled to Mount Gravatt in round 2 to take on the Vultures on a windy and overcast Sunday.

A slow start by the guys with the Vultures kicking the first 2 majors of the day and I thought we might have real challenge on our hands but we got going and led by 2 points at the 1st break with Joe in the middle along with Diggers starring.

As the game wore on we got right on top with Jacky having another great game along with Seb down back we stopped there scoring.

Zac who started late gave us a real lift when he came on as well as Sammy who had his best game of the year.

Lachy in the ruck competed hard all game and was a fine player . Tom and Kyle starred up forward with 4 majors each marking everything around them, Dylan  also had a fine game.

Our winger Luke had his best game with his 1 2 with Nick setting up a goal for Kyle terrific play .Nick in his 100th game for the club started slowly but finished in fine style with 2 long runs from which he kicked goals.

Slow first half but we played really good footy in the second ,well done guys.

Scores Mount Gravatt 4 3 27  Mayne 12 8 80.

Goalkickers  Sherfy 4, Kyle 4, Nick 2, Zac and Dylan 1 each.

Best  Tom, Kyle, Zac, Sammy, Joe, Nick and Lachy.

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Match report - Round 1 - 28 April 2013 - Tigers v Wynnum Vikings

On a fine day at the Den we christened our new ground with a round 1 clash with the Wynnum Vikings and the guys didn't let anyone down.

From the first bounce to the final siren the Tigers put in ,after a number of points in the first term Sherfy had the honour of booting the first goal on the ground ,you are now in history mate.

After a wasteful first qrt the team got on target and got on top of the Vikings. Joe was everywhere and Nick was going to get leather poisoning how many times he had the pill, with Sherfy having his best game for the club and Kyle up forward finishing off the good.

The backline was great all day with Jackie marking everything and showing courage I never new he had ,that late 3rd term effort I will remember for a long time.

Sebby was terrific cutting out many forward thrusts, Maddy played well and laid one of the best tackles of the game.Miller and Adam in the pockets were just great I don't think Adams player got a kick all day.

The onballers led by Lachy ,Sammy ,Diggers and Zac got better as the game went on. Slats after a quiet start along Dylan finished the day strongly ,Seannen ,Oscar and Luke all did there bit and many thanks to Willo and Gus from the 12s for doubling up and giving us a bench and for putting in when they came on.

Special mention to Jarrod he reckons he touched the ball most times ever in a game and I thought he was great getting the hard ball.We did well with just a few lapses witch we will work on.

Well done guys you did your club proud Scores Mayne 12 9 81 Wynnum 5 5 35 Goal Kickers Sherfy 4 Nick 4 Kyle 2 Joey and Zac 1 each Best Players Nick ,Joe ,Tom,Jack ,Sebby and Jarrod.

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Match report - Grading Game - 21APR13

We traveled to Yeronga for a grading game against Beenleigh on Sunday.  After a poor opening term, where we had too little effort from to many, we let the Buffaloes off to a flyer where they kicked nearly half there score for the day.  Then all of sudden the guys started to turn things around, Jack Young after being badly beaten in the first term at center half back went to full back and was outstanding.  Adam Pettersen played one of the best games I have seen from him in the backline.  Tom "Sherfy" had a good game and is looking at a big season, our debutant Maddie did a lot of good things and will only get better with time and experience.  Diggers and Dylan had some good touches as did Kyle.  Our leaders Nick and Joe were outstanding with their running and workrate and if Nick hadn't missed so many shots at goal (5) we would have been a lot closer. Everyone will be better for the run we really did some good passages of play together for very little result. Even though Beenleigh were much taller than us I wouldn't mind having another crack at them later in the season.  Scores - Mayne: 1 10 16 to Beenleigh 10 10 70.  Goalkicker Sherfy. Cheers Lee.

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