First Aid Officer

First Aid officer - Roles & Responsibilities

First Aid Officials

While it is the home team’s responsibility to provide a First Aid attendant, it is the visiting team official’s (i.e. Coach/Manager) responsibility to check with the home team that in fact such a person is on duty and qualified.

The First Aid attendant’s name must be on the AFL Brisbane Junior’s team sheet in the space provided.

If a qualified First Aid attendant is not present then it is the duty of the visiting team official to report to the central umpire.

A period of fifteen (15) minutes will take place for the home team to provide this person, if at this time the situation remains the same the visiting team can provide a qualified First Aid attendant and the game can commence.

If no qualified First Aid Attendant is available the game will not commence under any circumstance.

The field umpire will declare the game a forfeit and advise AFL Brisbane Juniors. Fine – first offence, One Hundred Dollars ($100.00)

If first aid is needed and the advice is that the player shall not continue playing, the coach shall abide by the decision of the qualified First Aid official. Team trainers cannot overrule the ‘Ground’ First Aid official.

Each oval must have a qualified First Aid official, properly stocked First Aid kit and a stretcher.

All club trainers & First Aid officials will be required to sit in the official first aid area for the match and not in the coaches’ box. Club trainers & First Aid officials are permitted to attend to an injured player in the coaches box, however when not required must remain in the official first aid area.

The officially appointed ‘Ground’ First Aid officer on the day is in charge of all players on the playing field and shall have the final say as to the suitability of a player to resume playing the current match.

Club trainers or First Aid officers do not have the power to overrule a decision made by the ‘Ground’ First Aid official.

All personnel must remember that they can only provide a level of care consistent with the limits of their qualifications. All personnel must ensure that their duty of care to the patient, club, and association is followed at all times and that, as perceived professionals to the public, there is a liability to provide the highest level of care available at any time.

It is recommended that the ‘Ground’ First Aid officer confidentially discuss any treatment or decision with higher qualified personnel, if available, to ascertain the best outcome for the health and safety of the injured person(s) prior to announcing their decision.

Club First Aid attendants and trainers will inform the ‘Ground’ First Aid attendant, prior to the start of any match, the status of any players who have religious or ethnic concerns regarding treatment, whatever they may be, and a suitable action plan is to be devised and wherever possible followed.

Where clubs, playing in the same match, have suitably qualified First Aid attendants or trainers these persons are to be the first responders to injured players from their team(s) unless busy treating an injury at which time the ‘Ground’ First Aid shall either respond or take over treatment.

If assistance is required then the club personnel will signal the ‘Ground’ First Aid attendant who will then attend the site of the injured person with the appropriate equipment required as signaled (e.g. splint, stretcher, cervical collar, oxygen, additional supplies etc).

In all serious cases the club’s officials will hand over a player’s care to the ‘Ground’ First Aid official up to and including when the player has been stabilized and removed from the playing field to the allotted First Aid area. The Club official will assist when and if required.

Qualifications of First Aid attendants

a) Nurse

b) Qualified Sports Trainer

c) St John Ambulance Australia Members

d) Senior First Aid Certificate Holder

e) Ambulance Officer

f) Doctor

First Aid officers – AFL Junior matches – one game per oval

First Aid officers must be situated approximately half way beside the oval on the clubhouse side where possible.

The Ground Marshall is to advise both coaches and managers as to location of First Aid officer for the day.

First Aid officers – AFL Junior matches - two games per oval

First Aid officers must be situated centrally between two fields - half way.

The Ground Marshall is to advise both coaches and managers as to location of the First Aid officer for the day.

First Aid officer – Youth football matches

First Aid officers must be situated between the coaches’ boxes.

The Ground Marshall is to advise both coaches and managers as to location of the First Aid officer for the day. Club team trainers must to be seated in the First Aid area and not in the Coaches Box.


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