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Coach                        Adrian Gower            0404 817194

Assistant Coach:         TBA

Team Manager:          Clint Macuga             0430 440 884

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Match report - Round 5 - 18 May 2013 - Tigers v Ferny Black

Guys, Straight to the point, this was by a long way your best game so far.

You have already played the big top teams in the opening rounds and Ferny Grove are up there with the best. Well Done Ferny for a magic game of football. Clean players & clearly a team with a great respect for the game.

The Match:

The wind was blowing strong to one pocket and Coach Adrian had great advice for game play which all the boys heeded and put into practice. From the outset all the boys tried their best and warmed up by keeping defence strong and working out what they needed to do in position.

As the game progressed the score line was 0-0 right up until half time with both teams not giving an inch.

Coach Adrian kept the momentum going at the half time break with game plan and probably the shortest break I’ve ever seen with the boys out on the field ready to attack hard, 5 minutes before the 3rd Quarter siren!!

Stroke of genius (Adrian.G.) as the boys confidence lifted and all the players started really listening to their specific roles, moving ball forward, spreading, calling and being tough at the footy. The back flanks were finally seen now as opportunities to move the ball forward and the centres had a fantastic game plan….Win ball, quick to centre half forward then into the goal square.  Fantastic marks, tackling and speed all contributed to the best quarter of football I’ve seen for the season.

Mayne in the 3rd Qtr. had overcome Ferny’s defence and through hard work and listening to Coach, nailed goals and realised their potential.

The Hardest part in any Ozzy Rules game is to ride out the full 4 Quarters. Many games are won and lost in the twilight stages of a 4th Quarter. Today, you boys showed guts and determination to stay on top and finish the game with pride.

Now you guys know what you are capable of, you need to keep it up. There will be many more tough games ahead this season so keep focussed and always listen to Coach Adrian.

Special Mention to Our U10 players:

Thomas – 2 of the best goal square marks I have seen at this junior level across the competition hands down. And then to convert to 2 goals……That is AFL style football!!

Brian – All day worked hard with no fear going for the football, some great kicks and a goal which lifted the side to no end.

Gus – Mate, It was great to see a young fella have pride playing up a grade for his club and most of all himself. You played amazing football today. You read play and had the skill and courage to win ball and unselfishly move it where it needed to go.  When the U11 boys lifted you on their shoulders for end of game walk off….You will remember that for a long time. Congrats.

Boys, make sure your parents pat you on the back. You all played great footy and should be proud!!



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Match report - Round 4 - 11 May 2013 - Tigers v Aspley Brown

Mayne Junior U11's travelled to Brendale for a tough clash with Aspley Brown.

The game was hard & physical with both teams not giving an inch.

We had a few boys out for this match and it was great to see players from the U10's helping us out. So special mentions must go to: Thomas, Brian, Louis & Henry for an outstanding & brave effort. A big task for the young fellas but they surpassed any of our expectations. WELL DONE!!

Aspley Brown were physically much bigger than our lads  & their use of the footy was at times superior.

It was pleasing to see the courage & determination of the WHOLE team over four quarters. The Tigers did not give an inch & Coach Adrian was extremely proud of your effort against a bigger & stronger opponent.

Playing against 'TOP' opposition is the only way you learn & become a great team. Listen to Coach Adrian, train hard & practice your skills. Your time will come.

Guys, if you want to beat teams like Aspley, you need to improve in a few areas such as being first for the ball, working in numbers (2 will always beat 1) and that means one player needs to shepherd, the other gets the ball. This requires talking to one & other, "I'LL SHEPHERD, YOU GET THE BALL".

You guys need to talk & work together. Remember that this will make you feel safer against bigger opponents and not scared to go in and have head over the ball!

You also need to handball more & learn to run & take a handball from a team mate, don't be afraid to make mistakes or try something new. Coach Adrian tells you these things, but you guys are the ones who need to execute it on the field.
When the SIREN goes, and its game on, a coach can't make you talk, he can't make you handball, he can't make you shepherd for a team mate, he can't make you run on for a handball & he can't make you to be first for the ball. These things are done by you guys and you guys only!
Overall boys it was your best display for the year.

All of you showed courage & commitment which cannot be questioned. 

Best, the Whole Team. 

Go Tigers!!!!


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Match report - Round 3 - 04 May 2013 - Tigers v Wilston Grange Red

A great game was witnessed between Mayne U11's & Wilston Grange red.

Both teams contested the ball vigorously & the tackling from both teams was fearless. Credit must be given to both teams as the match was played in good spirits with both sides displaying great sportsmanship.

The first quarter was a tight affair with little between the teams. It was pleasing that the Tigers were switched on from the start of the match & Adrian would have been pleased  with the attitude of all of the Tigers with there approach to the game.

In the first quarter it was great to see the determination of the Tigers who tackled bigger opponents without fear and players displayed their want to be first for the ball.

Unfortunately the second quarter was where the Tigers let the match slip as Grange skipped ahead by a couple of goals.

After a great display in the first quarter the tigers concentration seemed to drop off in the second quarter. Credit must be given to Grange as they scored some good goals from long range with skillful kicking. The lesson for our boys is the game is played over four quarters, not one, two or three, you need to concentrate for four quarters.

After the half time address the Tigers came out a determined unit & played the way they started in the first quarter which was very pleasing & fought out the contest to the end.

It was pleasing to see the tigers using some passages of handball & using teammates to advantage.

It was great to see our boys staying in position on the field & helping each other in contests.

There is an old saying in footy "The man in white is always right", sometimes umpires get decisions wrong, we all make mistakes, we're only human but without an umpire you don't have a game. Except an umpires decision with a smile, after all later on in the game he may reward you with a free kick because of your good attitude.

Overall the improvement in the skills as each week goes by is great, listen to the coach & practice in your spare time. Practice makes perfect.

Special mention to Teddy who helped us out, a great display at full back.

Best players THE WHOLE TEAM, well done boys.
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Match report - Round 2 - 28 April 2013 - Tigers v Wilston Grange

Thanks to Wilston Grange for a great game.

Boys from both teams displayed good sportsmanship in a hard & physical contest. A special mention to the umpire who controlled the game with a great display.

Special thanks to the U10's who helped out our boys, they displayed great courage & true Tiger Spirit against older opponents & their future in the sport looks bright.

After a slow start where the Gorilla's scored three quick goals the boys started to hit their straps &  got back into the game with some determined football.

Most goals scored by Grange in the first half were from mistakes that were made by our own boys.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes, it's the only way you learn, so don't be afraid to make a mistake. You can always work on mistakes with practice whether it is kicking, handball or any other skill. It all depends on you & how much effort you want to put into practicing.

After a half time address from the coach the boys came out as a determined unit & out scored the Gorilla's in the third quarter with all boys showing a great commitment to getting the ball.

The boys battled hard in the last quarter against bigger opponents & displayed true Tiger Spirit until the final siren.

Overall it was a great team effort from every player in the team. The boys should hold their heads high with pride.

Best players "THE WHOLE TEAM"

Remember boys first to the ball controls the game, make sure it is us.

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Match Report - Under 11s - 21APR13

No Match report submitted to date.

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