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Coach                        Chris Glass               0419 566 258

Assistant Coach:         Campbell Shaw        0421 860 309

Team Manager:          Richard Price           0408 451 349                   

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Match report - Round 6 - 02 June 2013 - Tigers v Forrest Lake Roosters

We took another step forward on Sunday with a good performance against the Forest Lake Roosters. 

Our focus for the game was to be there first and we certainly did that for the majority of play. 

Captain for the day Harry won the toss and we kicked with the wind.

From the first bounce our onballers Gus, Patrick and Cody provided first use of the ball, which we capitalised on up forward with Tim, Harry, Rory and Bomber scoring goals. 

Fraser, Julian and Will combined well to ensure we kept possession across the middle and to supply the ball forward. Riley, Denis, Jeremy and Rory provided plenty of leads up forward as we took control for the majority of the game.

Our defence was tight keeping the opposition to only 2 goals for the entire game. Shay showed great leadership across the half back line and was well supported by Travis and Lachie.

Our backline was impressive at clearing the balls, Connor, Ollie and James showed good discipline to man up and backed themselves to clear via the wings.  Josh and Keenan provided plenty of support to ensure that we made strong contests all over the field.

Thanks to Bomber and Oscar for helping out from the Under 11s.

It was great to hear the Tigerland song roar through the changeroom with pride and passion.

Good Work Tigers!

Final Score: Tigers 9 .11. 65 Forest Lake Roosters 2 goals 12.

Tigers Award Winners: Fraser, Conner, Gus.

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Match report - Round 5 - 26 May 2013 - Tigers v Wynnum Vikings

There was a lot to like about our performance against Wynnum on Sunday.

We played a solid game of footy with a very pleasing 4 quarter effort.  On a very long playing field, we put into practise key skills from our game plan; playing through the centre , manning up, staying in front of our opponent and getting low over the ball.

It was a tight contest with the Vikings only kicking away in the last quarter. Our back line headed by Ollie and Shay with strong support from Ted, Connor, Lachie and Denis combined well in defending and clearing the ball to towards the boundary.

Our centres and on ballers battled all day for possession and were very competitive; Rory, Pat and Cody worked well to clear the ball, while Fraser, Bomber and Will provided plenty of run and carry through the centre.

Our forward line focussed on getting the ball with Julian playing his best game to date, Harry and Riley provided good leads and when the ball came to ground Gus, Jeremie and Tim provided solid contests to make sure we kept the ball up forward.

We welcomed our newest Tiger to the team James, who had a run up forward.  We were competitive all day and with a bit more application of our game plan we will continue to improve and get the result.

Great effort team!  Final Score Wynnum 5.5 to Mayne 1.4.

Award winners were Julian, Pat, and Fraser.

Goal Kicker, Harry.

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Match report - Round 4 - 19 May 2013 - Tigers v Aspley

Round 4 had us drawn to play the previously undefeated Aspley team who came up with us form Division 4.

This week we had a full list and special thanks to Ross and Riley who came along willing and able to play but we could not fit them in.  Their great team spirit gave our 22 players another reason to play as well as we could.

We started slowly against a very well drilled Apsley side.  Our backline was under enormous pressure for much of the first quarter but they battled on well and their efforts were rewarded with a late goal that gave our team confidence.

In the second quarter we had a good plan in place and we just needed to move the ball quickly into space to allow our talls a clear run at the ball.  We kept working hard and we managed to shut down our direct opponents by playing a much tighter man on man game.  These efforts paid off by kicking 2 very good team goals.

The third quarter saw us continue on with our hard work, the game was more open and flowing and we won many of the one on one contests through hard work, courage and persistence.  Our mid field got into their groove and we were able to direct more play through our marking options.

The final quarter was another hard fought affair, we scored the first goal to give us some breathing space but our Tigers were not done yet, and they kept the pressure on their opponents and their efforts were rewarded again by another late goal to seal the match.

All players showed improvement in their concentration and their manning up, we had more space this week and we made better decisions when we had the ball. 

Well done on a very good win, we seem to have found combinations that worked across every line. We had many stand out players but if all members do not do their job and stick to the team rules those excellent individual performances are cancelled out.

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Match report - Round 3 - 12 May 2013 - Tigers v Beenleigh

Round 3 saw us promoted to Division three after 2 solid performances in Division 4.  We headed down to Beenleigh knowing that we would face a truer test of where we are against another undefeated side from Division 4.

We were minus Rory, Riley and Keenan but we welcomed Harry for his first game for the Club.

We struggled to get into our rhythm in the early part of the first quarter, we were second to the ball and when we gained possession we found ourselves under enormous pressure. 

The second quarter started well with players showing renewed enthusiasm to be first to the ball. Early in the second quarter we set up many forward thrusts but were not able to convert.  Late in the second quarter we stopped running, playing in front and left it up to others to get the hard ball.

After a rev up at half time, the players all lifted, we played with renewed intensity and worked harder to support our team mates.  Credit must go to Beenleigh for continuing to apply pressure to our ball carriers, we were unable to get much clean possession and we caused many turnovers.

The final quarter was much of the same, the players had all lifted their own work rates but we made poor decisions when disposing of the ball.  We gifted our opposition many easy possessions by kicking to them rather than to space.

Our work rate in the second half was much better than the first, no player dropped their head but we need to improve our kicking and running to space.

We have a few things to work on at training but given the great improvement we are already seeing I am confident that the team will work together and learn from our experience this week.

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Match report - Round 2 - 05 May 2013 - Tigers v Redland Bombers

Round 2 saw us journey out to the home of the Redland Bombers and come away convincing 12 goal winners.

We welcomed Cody back to the Black and the Gold and Jeremy for his first game with the Tigers.  Both players contributed well and were involved in many passages.  Both Cody and Jeremy will be better for the run. We started the game without Willo, Rosco and Oscar and we had to reshuffle the team to cover our loss of them

We started where we left off last week, we contested at every occasion and when we moved the ball quickly we were able to set up many scoring opportunities.  Our tall brigade of Fraser, Gus, Rory and Riley got on top early and from there we were able get the ball out to our running players.

Our kicking for goal in the first half let us down and the half time scoreboard did not truly reflect the effort of everyone that took the field.  The second half saw us play on and move the ball more quickly into the scoring zones up forward and these efforts were well rewarded by better scoring opportunities.

We moved the side around in the second half to give all players the opportunity to show what they can do outside of their normal positions.  I was very pleased with the team’s willingness to get out of their comfort zone and take on new roles.  This experience will hold us in good stead later in the season.

The team stuck to our plan of being low to the ball and being first in and last up.  We gained first use of the footy and we were able to lock it into our forward line.  We need to work on playing on more quickly and kicking the ball to space.

There were many notable performances and every player made a number of positive contributions to our team effort.  Every player showed improvement from last we and were rewarded for our disciplined hard work with a very solid victory.  Well done to all of the Tigers!

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Match report - Round 1 - 28 April 2013 - Tigers v Mt Gravatt White

Mayne Tigers U/12 Round 1 Match Report April 28 2013

The team notched up a first up win against Mt Gravatt White in our Division 4 match.

The mighty Tiges kicked 9 goals 6 behinds while keeping a determined opposition scoreless.  It was a convincing win with all 19 players making many positive contributions to our good performance. 

We learnt some valuable lessons from our previous grading game and it was very pleasing to see that we were putting these lessons into practice.  We played disciplined man on man footy and when we were able to gain clear possession we tried to kick it into space and then keep the ball moving forward.

We had 2 debutants today and both Dennis and Travis looked like they had been playing the game for years. 

Connor hustled and bustled in defence, he used his strength well and it was pleasing to see him attack the footy time and again. He needs to keep working on his kicking to enable us to gain full advantage from his possessions.

Tim was solid at full back, he ran on well and gave good support up field.  He needs to keep in front of his forward and not lose where his man is in general play.

Ted repelled many forward moves, his pre season has been outstanding and we are seeing great improvement in his skill. Can sometimes be caught out not getting low enough to the ball

Will showed much improved concentration, he manned up well and always ran at the loose ball.  His is creative with his handball but needs to continue to work on his kicking.

Riley was our Captain for the day and anchored down Centre Half Back for most of the game.  He ran and contested well and his kicking to position was a feature of his game.

Lachie was very creative at half back, he ran well and set up many forward moves.  He attacks the ball well and never takes a backward step.  Needs to kick the ball higher and further to gain full advantage of his possessions

Ross gave us good drive across the wings, he worked hard in defense and kept getting to right spots when we had the ball. 

Ollie showed a great work rate, he ran hard to get to contests and then ran harder to get to spaces.  His long kicking was a feature and he set up many scoring opportunities with his good decisions.  Needs to work at accelerating when he gets the ball.

Julian started on the wing then was moved around the ground.  Competed really well and gave of some good handballs when he won the ball. Showed a number of times he is working out where to go to get the ball and will only get better from here.  Needs to continue to work on his kicking.

Riley showed dash across half forward, he was not frightened to get under pack and put his body on the line.  Just needs to get more depth and height in his kicking.

Oscar was a very important contrtibutor in our forward line.  He shows that he knows where to go to get the ball and he makes good decisions when he has it.  Needs to work on his marking to capitalise on his good running and positioning.

Dennis had an immediate impact in his first game, he was fearless, tackled well and showed a feeling for the game that surprised many.  He will only get better as he continues to practice hard

Travis also had an impressive first up game.  He showed good tackling and chasing skills and we really enjoyed his never give up attitude. 

Keenan put himself in the right spots to get the ball, he chased out hard and set up a couple of forward moves with his effective handballs. As he learns more there is no doubt that he will continue to improve

Rory kicked 3 goals and was a marking option up forward.  His best work was in the ruck late in the game where his strong marking and kicking certainly made an impression.

Fraser used his size and strength to great effect. He was able to combine with his mid fielders and set up many centre clearances with is very good ruck work.  He continues to be a marking target for us just needs to break into space by running hard.

Gus did his best work in the ruck, he controlled the centre square and combined with his mid fielders with some good one/two handballs to get the ball forward.  His kicking showed improvement and now needs to continue to work on being stronger in the air.

Liam worked hard all day. He kept low and got under packs and picked up many possessions in the middle.  Needs to work on getting in  front and leading straight when calling for the ball.

Patrick battled hard all day, his work rate was excellent and was able to set up many forward moves by his intelligent handball.  Needs to get more depth into his kicking.

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Under 12s - Grading Game - 21APR13

No report yet submitted.

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