The Carindale Cougars are dedicated to supporting and developing our club appointed umpires. 

Umpire Summer Development Program - November/December 2017
Representatives from the Carindale Cougars attended the Umpire Summer Development Program at AFLQ. 

The six week program covered the basics of all AFL umpiring elements from field, boundary and goal umpiring:

Week 1 (7/11/17): We focus on what style of umpire you want to be. Then we’ll get onto the field for some drills.
Week 2 (14/11/17): We look at the duties of the umpires, responsibilities and decision making. Then use this vision on the field.
Week 3 (21/11/17): We focus on positioning and put this into practice on the field.
Week 4 (28/11/17): More vision and decision making and put these skills into practice on the field. 
Week 5 (5/12/17): We cover the aspects of boundary umpiring.
Week 6 (12/12/17): We cover the aspects of goal umpiring.

Click here for more info about being an AFL Queensland umpire.

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Umpire Resources:
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Interested in being a Club Umpire for the Carindale Cougars in 2018?
Please contact:
Brad Abell - Vice President