I need to make a claim

Before making an insurance claim, you need to ensure you are covered for the appropriate treatment. Click on the previous 'what's covered' tab.

Firstly, you need to download a claim form. This can be done from JLT Sport's website http://afl.jltsport.com.au/claim_pi.aspx, by clicking the attachment below or by collecting a copy from the club.

Although you have 270 days from the date of injury to submit your claim form, you do not need to wait until all your treatment is finished. In fact, the sooner you submit your claim form, the better! Before submitting though, you need to ensure every section is filled out to avoid any delays.

The Club needs to complete section "B", and your doctor/physician needs to complete section "D". Note only the Club President is authorised to sign this form on behalf of the club.

For help completing this form, please see either of the following:

NOTE: Before this form is sent, it MUST be signed by Scary for the club section.

Once all sections are complete, please submit your form with any ORIGINAL receipts you already have. We recommend keeping a photocopy of your form as well as any receipts you submit for your records and incase they don't make it in the mail. As you get more receipts, you can simply send them into JLT/Echelon for reimbursement.

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