Why play at Hurstbridge

The Hurstbridge Junior Football Club is about participation and enjoyment of football, developing a sense of community, resilience, structure, discipline, local pride and being part of a team. In order to help develop the players football skills, teamwork as well as social conscience and sense of belonging we have further broken the Junior teams into two groups.  

Junior Development Teams (Age Group’s U/8 through to U/12)

The focus on this age-group is participation, skills development, teamwork and most of all  enjoyment.

The coaching strategy revolves around individual skill development and basic gamesmanship that will enhance the development of all players. This is so that the team does not become overly reliant on too few as this is not sustainable in later years.  Skills will be taught that are appropriate to the age of the kids so that a gradual progression is achieved.

Players will be rotated through all positions on the ground, so that they begin understand the requirements of each role. It will ensure they are adaptable and flexible and be suited to any position on the ground as they progress through the junior system with their bodies developing (at different rates).  This is critical for the long term development of the players and success in the youth teams and should not be compromised to try and win games now.

While there is no limit on the number of players registered in these age groups, the team consists of 18 players on the field and while up to 12 players are allowed on the bench. In this situation, players will be rostered off. Every player will be rested once prior to any player being rested twice

Youth Teams (Age Group’s U/13 through to U/18)

While there is still an emphasis on teamwork, personal development and enjoyment our ambition is to be a highly competitive team with a never give up attitude. Coaches are encouraged to lead by example and show leadership.

Through this development, we aspire to provide players the opportunity to play in and be exposed to the highest level of competition within the league including the opportunity to make representative teams and development squads.

Best & Fairest awards are awarded only to the youth teams

The NFL regulations state there is a maximum of 24 players per week (6 interchange) and no limit to the number of registered players. In this situation, players will be rostered off. Every player will be rested once prior to any player being rested twice

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2015 Division 2 Seniors
1 Lalor 54
2 Hurstbridge 48
3 Whittlesea 46
4 Fitzroy Stars 46
5 Thomastown 44
6 Diamond Creek 30
7 Panton Hill 16
8 Mernda 4

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               Club Sponsorship enquiries:

For Senior Sponsorship please contact:

Evan Thompson by email: evan@tspress.com.au


For Junior Sponsorship please contact:

Mark Challis on 0408 888 462 or challismobile@gmail.com