Child Safety

From 1 January 2017, the Victorian Child Safety Standards will apply to sporting organisations that operate and provide sporting services to children within Victoria (including National Sporting Organisations). There are seven different requirements which make up the standards, and with which sports will be required to comply.

The standards relate to child protection within your organisation and include requirements to have practices, procedures and policies in place. In the lead up to implementation, sporting organisations should now be starting to look at reviewing their compliance with the standards and considering if the culture and environment within their organisation is supportive and protective of children.

Our club, participating in the Melbourne East Basketball Association (MEBA) is required to abide with this position.

As part of the rollout of these Standards, we have adopted the working documents below (in Word and PDF formats) and will continue to refine them as we better understand how they apply to our club.

Accordingly, Caroline Wales has been appointed as our Child Safety Officer in a interim capacity.