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Team Manager Duty Statement



Importantly at the bottom of this screen, there are documents to assist you with your role as Team Manager.  Included in this the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct, which is helpful to have in your kit for reference when at a game.


The Teams Coordinator will provide you with a contact list of all your players (name, email, telephone number and singlet number). Please confirm and return to your coordinator.


At the game:


1. Arrive at the stadium 15 minutes prior to the start of the game

2. When you are entering, say you are paying for the Eastern Bulls scoresheet, and you may receive a raffle ticket. Give this to the referees before the game to prove you have paid.  If no ticket is provided, then the computer should already be updated.  The current cost of team sheets can be found at the bottom of your draw on the Nunawading Basketball website.

3. At the end of the previous game get the electronic scoring system ready for your game. The referees will help you if you need it.

◦ Tick the active players – those who will be playing

◦ Change their singlet numbers if necessary

◦ Enter personal information of any players not listed.


 Scoring at the Game:


1. Each team MUST provide 1 scorer at each game. Each player’s parents should be rostered on at least twice in the season to score. Please create a roster to involve all parents. A template can be found on the website to help get you started.  It is a good idea to encourage new scorers to sit with experienced ones to observe how it is done.


Inform all families and the coach about the game times & venue. The first 5 games are grading games, so information is posted the week prior to the game, generally by Wednesday at 5pm. It is your responsibility to check the club website Click the tab “Fixtures/Results” Then click on your team and you will be linked to your grade and game information. From Round 6 onwards the fixture for the rest of the season should be available. This can be added to your scoring roster and the revised roster/fixture can be circulated.


Qualifications for Finals:


All age groups except Under 8s play finals.

Qualification for playing in finals requires players to have played at least half the normal season (including grading games). Players who cannot play through injury/other MAY be granted exemptions by the Association if supported by medical certificates/certified documents. Team managers should be aware of this and obtain information to provide to the club delegate to submit to the MEBA. 


Uniform Clashes – What’s the rule? What do I do?


Uniform Priority is important for all to know.

Eastern Bulls rarely has uniform clashes with any other clubs, however, it does occur when we play another Eastern Bulls Team:-

If we are playing any team with a clash and we are the FIRST LISTED team on the fixture, you are responsible for wearing the reverse side of your singlets.  If we are NOT first listed, it is the other team’s responsibility to wear alternative singlets.



Please become familiar with these websites as they provide lot of useful information.


Thank you for volunteering for the role of Team Manager. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions. Simply contact your Team Coordinator or the appropriate Committee Member. All contact details are on the website 


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