Coach role and responsibilites

Coach's Code of Conduct - As a coach oWaverley RaidersBasketball Club,I wilalways...

  1. Bhonest.
  2. Treat all players equally.
  3. Ensure thwellbeing,safetanprotection oindividual players.
  4. Shakhands with the opposition coach anplayers after games.
  5. Teach qualities and values that exemplify an outstandinteaplayer.
  6. Challenge players to excel,maximize their opportunities,anperform ttheipotential.
  7. Encourage all players to do theibest,anhave fun doinit.
  8. Treat referees with the upmost respecand require my playerto do the same.
  9. Play fairly,abidinbthe spiriof the rules anteach my players tdthe same.
  10. Refrain from verbaonon-verbal conducthat iunwelcome, offensive or demeaning.
  11. Show respect foplayers,coachesrefereesparentand spectators.
  12. Strive to make sportsmanship my #1priority.

Coachs DutyStatement

  1. Coacheare responsible foconductinonweekltraining sessiooonhouin duration.  If unavailable thcoach should arrange a suitable replacement.
  2. Coachearresponsible focoachinthplayers durintheir game oSaturday.
    If unavailablthcoach shoularrange a suitable replacement.
  3. Coaches should have thnecessary knowledge to teacand develoindividual basketball fundamentalanteam skillappropriate tthage and grade othteam.
  4. Developing sportsmanshipteaqualities and selconfidencis aimportanpart of youth sport.Coaches should endeavouto develothesattributes anpositivelyencourage all players.
  5. Coaches will not be permitted to form their own teams.  This will be determined in conjunction with the age co-ordinator, the composition of the teams ..
  6. Assist team manager aneeded.
  7. Coacheare notallonon-members othclutparticipatianon-court activity durinantime booked bthclub fotraininpurposes.

Coaching Guidelines

When coaching juniobasketballkeep the followinin mind:

  1. Failure inothe same thinalosingnois success equivalent twinning. Stress tyoung players that success is related tcommitmenand effortnotwinninthe gameYour younplayers need tknothat if they strive to do theibest they are never "losers."
  2. Don'takyour players effortfor granted. Reinforce good results anprobably more importantly, good effortsReinforcimmediately. Praise the goothings anyowilbe surprised how much moroften they happen.
  3. Encourage youplayerwhen they make mistakes. Always give instructions ian encouraging manner.  Point out the goothingthawilhappen ithplayer followyour instructiondon't point out the mistakthey just made. Never punish (btonof voicor action) a mistake. Never give corrective instructioin a harsh, demeaninor sarcastic manner.
  4. Get thplayers involved in settinuteam rules,and involve them in determining the sorts of penalties involved if they are broken.Some rules mighbe; Respecalof your teammates, treat them likyowantbtreated. Give maximum effort aaltimes. Be prepared and focused during gameanpractice sessions.
  5. When misbehaviours occur, don'punish witphysical measures(e.g.runninlaps). Rather, exclude thplayer from practice for a short period. Extended or repeated misbehaviours shoulalwaybbroughtthattentioothplayer'parenor guardian.
  6. If they are prepared to commit maximum effort, junior players should always be given adequate & fair court time during games to facilitate their development.
  7. Coacheare encourageto develotheiknowledge othe game through thuse of videosbookscoachinclinicancoachinaccreditation.

Notice Board


Training for Saturday teams starts week beginning Monday 8th October 2018.

First Friday night game 12th October 2018

First Saturday game 13th October 2018