Uniform Clashes

Uniform Clashes – What’s the rule? What do I do?


Waverley Raiders uniform colour clashes with only two other clubs - Donvale Dunkers and Huntingtower and another Waverley Raiders team.


If we are playing either of these teams or another Raiders team and your team is the FIRST LISTED team on the fixture, your team is responsible for organising to borrow a set of alternate singlets.  When this clash occurs, please contact the uniform coordinator, Manish Gaur  0470 565 522 to organise to borrow the club's alternate navy blue singlets.  


Please update the players’ singlet numbers on the scoring system for that day when using the alternative singlets. If you are unsure how to do this, please ask the referees for assistance.


After the game please collect the singlets, wash them and return them ASAP to the uniform coordinator. If we are NOT first listed, it is the other team’s responsibility to wear alternative singlets. 


If you forget or are not able to collect the alternative singlets, you can hire the stadium tops for a small fee of about $10 and this is reimbursable by the club.  Please email the treasurer with your name, team and bank details and reimbursement for the hire fee will be made.



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Training for Saturday teams starts week beginning Monday 8th October 2018.

First Friday night game 12th October 2018

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