Teams, Coaches, and Training

You can find details about your 2018 coach and training details below. Your team's manager and assistant coach details will be available soon.

If you have any questions or wish to raise a concern, please first get in touch with your Coach or Team Manager. If you need further assistance, please feel free to contact a committee member:

Position Name Phone
President Shannon Roati 0409 495 995
Secretary Krista Davidson 0467 592 530
Treasurer Donna Pringle 0408 784 871
Vice President Matthew Ryan 0400 890 082
Vice President Josh Slater  
 Registar Rachel Hilier 0458 271 655


Team Day Time Coach Phone No.
U7 Commences 17th April  5pm TBA  
U9 Commences 17th April  5pm

Clinton Sutton

U11 Commences 17th April  5pm Phil Alley  0400 553 017
U13 Tues & Thurs  5pm Amy Slatter  
U15 Tues & Thurs  5pm

Rodney England

 0476 006 392





Travis Young

 0428 317 421
Reserve Tues & Thurs  6pm TBA  
Women Tues & Thurs  6pm

Clinton Evans

 0487 657 200
Senior Tues & Thurs  6pm

Tom Kneen

 0429 478 189

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