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Lindon Dowsett will take over from Sue as Senior Team Manager this year. People who are hard to say "no" to will always make great team managers.

Lindon's job is much easier if people are able to commit to a role for the year or even just say "yes" when asked. We know there's nothing worse than listening to old mate from the opposition waffling on about world issues for four q...uarters, but it only needs to be done once.

If anybody is able to fill any position, for any of the teams, for any amount of time this year, please get in contact.

Thanks Lindon!

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 We won't name names, but the expanding waist line of some is calling for preseason to start.

 Our first session back will be on Monday 13th of November at 6pm.

 Every player needs to bring their own runners, drink bottle and football. Anyone who thinks it'll be slightly humorous to bring a Ross Faulkner will be punished appropriately.




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2017 Ontime Delivery Solutions Seniors
1 Macedon 56
2 Rupertswood 52
3 Diggers Rest 48
4 Riddell 44
5 Romsey 44
6 Sunbury Kangaroos 40
7 Wallan 40
8 Melton Centrals 28
9 Woodend-Hesket 16
10 Lancefield 8
11 Rockbank 8
12 Broadford 0


2017 Melton Toyota Reserves
1 Wallan 60
2 Rupertswood 60
3 Diggers Rest 56
4 Sunbury Kangaroos 56
5 Melton Centrals 36
6 Woodend-Hesket 28
7 Riddell 24
8 Macedon 24
9 Romsey 20
10 Rockbank 8
11 Lancefield 8
12 Broadford 4

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