About Us


The Bullsbrook Senior Football Club reformed in 1993 after a 20 year hiatus. Gary Kitson and Mat Cockram were sitting in Mat's driveway in the wee hours of the morning downing a couple of blizzardly cold frosty ones when a brainwave hit. " Lets start a Footy Club ." After a couple of hours of pushing zeds the boys arose and got right to work. Flyers and posters were made asking anyone interested in Football to meet at The Chequers Hotel, aka The Red Roof an iconic part and landmark of the town, the response was overwhelming and with the local publicans Lincoln Hands and Kim Scott pitching in a $1000 kick start the CLUB was born.

The Bullsbrook Community and local businesses were amazingly generous, 100 Foundation Members and more sponsors then can be mentioned, The Bullsbrook Saints are still going strong Today. Nestled in the town of Bullsbrook, home of RAAF Base Pearce, The Saints call Pickett Park their home ground and the Bullsbrook Community & Sporting Association's aptly named "The Pavilion" their clubrooms.

Football clubs, like all community organizations, are an integral part of the local community and that is why it is crucial that we look after their health in the same way that we look after our own bodies. We need to nourish them, keep them healthy and be pro — active to ensure they don’t wither and die.The on —field and off — field success of a football club relies heavily on other key members of the community and not just the football club itself. By building community partnerships with other community stakeholders, our club can increase community spirit, develop goodwill, and improve the quality of the club environment, which all ultimately contribute to greater community support and more club members, players and volunteers.

Our role at the footy club, and yours as a leader in the community will require the accepting of greater responsibility. Our district continues to grow and we intend to grow with it. As we kick on into the future it is a challenge that Bullsbrook Football Club looks forward to taking with anticipation.

The Sponsor, The Supporter, The Player, The Volunteer with all their Community support make this possible. Through good times and bad times, win or lose, they have been our foundation. The catalyst of a living, breathing and social phenomenon. Friendships and camaraderie have been formed. Not just in this Community but in the far reaching corners of the Community that is known as the Hills Football Association. With this support The Bullsbrook Senior Football Club has had the opportunity to enable people of all walks of life, creed’s, colours and age groups to come together as one.  Today the Bullsbrook Saints membership is strong and that is your legacy. A legacy that would never exist had it not been for your continued support.   




Years into the future when you hear talk about the great times had at THIS Football Club remember it’s your legacy.


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