Teams in Adelaide University Griffins

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Adelaide Uni(Senior Men Div5)
GameDayCode: 8567876554

Adelaide Uni(Youth Men Div3)
GameDayCode: 4858761947

Adelaide Uni(Youth Men Div4)
GameDayCode: 8912414005

Adelaide Uni(Youth Men Div4)
GameDayCode: 5466599854

Adelaide Uni(Senior Men Div4)
GameDayCode: 6475934319

Adelaide Uni(Senior Men Div3)
GameDayCode: 3841579389

Adelaide Uni(Senior Women Div1)
GameDayCode: 7226123203

Adelaide Uni(Senior Men Div2)
GameDayCode: 5076332298

Adelaide Uni 1(Senior Women Div2)
GameDayCode: 5396432026

Adelaide Uni 2(Senior Women Div2)
GameDayCode: 7980020593

Adelaide University(Senior Men Div1)
GameDayCode: 7496313390