Club History

Capalaba Junior rugby League – Club History

Under the direction of the first Club President – Dave Nicholson, Capalaba Junior Rugby League was formed in 1985 as a breakaway club of Redlands Junior Rugby League Club.

In the beginning we played at the sports fields in Mooroondu Road, Thornside.  There was only one footy field with goal posts and a toilet block which was shared with the neighbouring soccer club.

In 1987 after negotiations with the Redland Shire Council, land was leased at the present site in Bainfield Lane, Capalaba.  This was ideal as there was plenty of parking and it was central to all areas of the Redlands.

There was no clubhouse for many years and the canteen (an old caravan) was manned by the dedicated committee of the time.  There was many a time the floodwaters covered the field and the caravan was partially submerged only to be hosed out and operating again the next week.

Alan Vievers instigated the funding for the new clubhouse which was officially opened in 1991 affording club members a modern canteen, meeting area, toilets and dressing sheds.

The Club continued to grow in numbers and teams and 1998 saw the committee led by Tony McKerrow obtain funding from the Redland Shire Council and the State Government to extend the original Clubhouse with a larger room that could be used for functions and a much needed office and storage area.

1995 saw the first Junior Honorary Life Members.  These players had achieved the milestone of 10 years of service with the Club.  To this day we have 58 Junior Honorary Life Members all proud and loyal ‘Warriors’.

In recent times we have added another International Field and have become one of the largest Clubs in the Brisbane competition.

We have had several players that have gone on to greater things:

  •  Jeremy Paul – Australian Rugby Union Rep Player
  • Daniel Strickland – North Queensland Cowboys
  • Dallas McIlliwain – Canterbury Bulldogs
  • Several QLD Cup Players
  • And most recently Mitchell Dodds – Brisbane Broncos

The success of the Club is due to the dedicated members of the volunteer Committees over the 26 years since the Club’s formation.



Shirley Woodward

Peter Nicholson

Dan & Carol Hansen

Dave Nicholson

Christine Ruig


G Hurren

D & L Cameron

J & S Fiteni

T & S Rabjones

M & A Driver

C & W Heelass

A Suter

N & H Ekert

P & A Holley

J & D Light

P & A Ketter

V & T Pratt

D & W Stonebridge

R & D Ferguson

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