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Spring Season 2016                

Next Games  Round 5 - 22 October  Please check online fixture for changes due to regrades...

Please Do not forget the AGM next month.. we need you, to help run this wonderful club of ours. Please talk to one of the existing committee if you have a few hours available to volunteer.


Allstars    FTG Blueberries

11 Gold   FTG Blue Topaz

11 Green  FTG Powder Blue

11 White   FTG Kingfisher Blue



13/3  FTG Misty Blue

13/3   FTG Aquamarine Blue

13/4   FTG Marine Blue

23/1   FTG Jasper Blue


13/1      FTG  Blue Opals

13/1      FTG Wedgewood Blue

17/3      FTG  Coral Blue

17/3      FTG  Sea Blue

Open1    FTG Blue Jewel



Prem 1   FTG  Blue Sapphires

Prem 1   FTG Blue Gems


15/2     FTG Crystal Blue

15/2     FTG Midnight Blue

15/2     FTG Cobalt Blue

15/4     FTG Steel Blue 

15/4     FTG Cyan Blue         

17/1     FTG Blue Diamonds

Open4   FTG Slate Blue


 Good luck for a great Spring season, and see you all at the courts!

FTG Netball Club Committee



 Details of fixtures and ladders can be found at   my.netball.com.au

  You need to select Mountain District netball Association (make it your default) then you can access matches, player stats etc


Notice Board


FTG AGM - November 15th      Put the date in your diary, How can you volunteer and help our club next year?.  

Many Hands make light work and enable us to provide a strong support network for our teams.

This year the club has been run by less than 10 people, trying to cover all committee roles.  This does not make it easy, and some things have needed to be dropped this year, as we did not have the time to cover everything. Organising 22 teams both winter and summer, co-ordinating - grading, coaching, umpiring, equipment, uniforms, training, presentation night, Association administration, club administration, communication, registration, financial management,  for a club of over 250 members....   

Please check out the committee roles on the committee page or talk to one of the current committee if you are interested. There are many roles requiring different time and skill commitments. What can you do to help???