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emergency dental care

Lifecare Dental  (upstairs Forrest Chase facing train station)

419 Wellington Street, Perth, WA, 6000

Open 365 days a year 8.00a.m.-8.00p.m.

PHONE 9221 2777      www.dentistsinperth.com.au

In cases where teeth are knocked out, or the tooth position has changed in the mouth, immediate care is sometimes critical to ensure the best long term outcomes for those teeth.

Immediate same day appointments are available for all emergencies and anyone in pain.

If a tooth been knocked out due to trauma, handle the tooth as little as possible Store the tooth in a container of milk (not water) Bring the tooth with you when you come to the surgery Please do not rub or attempt to wash the tooth as this may damage it.

concussion management

  • The welfare of the player is paramount … if a player is suspected of being concussed they should be removed from the field immediately and assessed and if concussed (or you are unsure) they should not return to the field of play and not resume training or playing until cleared by a medical practitioner through a formal medical clearance … and for children that they have returned successfully to school,
  • All players that are concussed or suspected of being concussed should receive medical attention and assessment.
  • All people respond differently to the effects of concussion, and also can differ in the timeframe for the onset of concussion.
  • The child is not to return to play or sport until they have successfully:
    • returned to school/learning, without worsening of symptoms.
    • Symptom assessment in the child often requires the addition of parent and/or teacher input.
    • It is reasonable for a child to miss a day or two of school after concussion, but extended absence is uncommon.
  • The key components of management of concussion include:Suspecting the diagnosis in any player with symptoms such as confusion or headache after a knock to the head, Referring the player for medical evaluation; and Ensuring the player has received medical clearance before allowing them to return to a gradual training program.

Children require a different approach from adults because their brains are developing, and they need to continue learning and acquiring knowledge. As such, the priority is not just player welfare and return to play, but a critical element is return to school and learning.

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