Season 2017 Application forms for..............


All players on the database must have their Birth Certificate No.


Clearance form- All players that last played at another club must fill in this form along with the registration form.

Please read ....JCC PLAY UP AND DOWN GUIDELINES...below

Play Up

Application to Play Up.-  Must have Club approval before being sent to the JCC Executive.

Play Down

Application to Play Down- Parent request for player to play down.  Must have club approval before being sent to the JCC Executive.


The Following forms must be completed and the Club must sight the protective item that is to be worn.  In some cases the JCC Executive may have to sight the items.The item worn must be assessed as to suitability during a game and can not cause injury to either the wearer or other players.

To wear protective headgear - Medical consent

Request to wear Helmet, medical - Where there is a medical reason for a child to wear a Helmet- this form must be signed by a Medical Prationer

To wear protective headgear - Parent consent

Request to Wear a helmet, Parent- This form is when there is not a medical reason, but is requested by the parent.



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