Help on Scoring and Timing

It is the responsibility of each team to provide a competent scorer for each game.

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager for each team to provide a roster to the team for this purpose.

Please note the SBA By Laws states that 'in the case of the scoresheet individual scores and running scores not agreeing, running scores take precedence only if players numbers are recorded on the running score.

Link for instructions on how to score:

Also attached How to do timing and Directional Arrow - including special timing for Finals.


* Scorers are an official of the game

* Mark players off as attending game

* Make sure their coaches name is written in the provided area

* Make sure each players full name is listed with top number to be correct 

* Score the game working together to continuously check both scorers agree on score/fouls/timeouts/result

* Be the point for coaches to call timeouts / subs - informing umpires at the appropriate time via the game siren

* At game end, make sure both agree on score result & details.

* Communicate with the referee to make sure there are no score sheet or result concerns

* It is advisable both scorers wait until the referee's finish their work on the scoresheet

Notice Board

Summer Season Grading begins 13/10/2018

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