Uniforms and Clash/Alternate Tops


A Pop Up Shop is set up at ‘The Stadium’ twice a year preceding each season, usually 5/6 weeks prior, as they take a minimum of 4 weeks for delivery. 

The Pop Up Shops are advertised on our webpage and Facebook.

Our clubs compulsory uniform is a reversible singlet and shorts at cost price.

Other optional uniform items like polos, hoodies and backpacks are also available for purchase.

CLASH/ALTERNATIVE SINGLETS (until all members are in the new reversible singlets)

These are Blue Singlets required by teams, when Bulldogs vs Bulldogs

The first named team on the fixture, need to wear the alternate singlets.

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager/Coach to collect the singlets.

There are a number of bags with mixed sizes, please take one bag that best suits and DO NOT take/mix Singlets from other bag sets.

JUNIOR TEAMS: Clash singlet bags are kept in our equipment cage at The Stadium, Gisborne.

SENIOR TEAMS: Clash singlet bags are kept in the Gisborne Bulldogs cupboard under stairs at Boardman, Sunbury. Ask at Boardman reception for keys.

Note: for both Junior and Senior Teams : 

Please complete the register and ensure all Singlets are in the bag. If not contact the previous team who had the bag to investigate and also inform Uniform Officer, if not resolved.  

The club asks that when the teams have used the singlets that they are WASHED and returned ASAP as other teams will require them for the next scheduled game.

You can email uniforms.gbbc@gmail.com should you require any further information.


Notice Board

We are seeking new faces for our committee. Please see role information on the Our Club tab.

AGM Monday 25th March 2019 at The Stadium, GSC, time to be confirmed

First round for 2019 - Saturday 02/02/2019

Training resumes week beginning 28/01/2019

Summer Season Term 4 and Term 1

Winter Season Term 2 and Term 3

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