Coaches Corner


All team managers and coaches must have a Working with Children card - This can be applied for at any Post Office.  There is no cost in doing this as you are working in a volunteer role for our club.  This is a requirement by Basketball Australia


Coaches are all volunteers and work with the players to develop their skills and improve their performance on the court. It is important for coaches to hold weekly training sessions and to make every effort to be present at each game. Consistency, punctuality, comnmitment and enthusiasm are all traits that should not be underestimated. As coaches are role models for their players, they should follow closely the coaches code of conduct, and be approachable and open-minded.


Coaches should consult with the team manager if any issues arise; attend the coaches meeting organised by the committee of management at the beginning of each season; and attend the end of season presentation.


The club will support the development of coaches by providing financial assistance to attend coaching courses, and by providing other resources as needed.

A presentation ceremony is held at the end of the Winter Season each year to reward and recognise the efforts of players, coaches, team managers and parents.

Each coach has the opportunity to hand out one trophy at the presentation. It is the coaches decision as to how the trophy will be decided and what it will be for. When deciding who will receive the trophy, coaches will take into account sportsmanship,  leadership skills, attendance at training, team play and improvement in skills, as well as who has abided by the players code of conduct.

Notice Board

We are seeking new faces for our committee. Please see role information on the Our Club tab.

AGM Monday 25th March 2019 at The Stadium, GSC, time to be confirmed

First round for 2019 - Saturday 02/02/2019

Training resumes week beginning 28/01/2019

Summer Season Term 4 and Term 1

Winter Season Term 2 and Term 3

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