Team Managers General Info

Team Manager Information

Thank you for taking on the role as Team Manager!

In case you are not aware, as an incentive and a way of thanking you, Team Managers receive a 25% discount on their registration fee of 1 child for the team you are the Team Manager for.

The Team Managers role is a very important one and there are several key things you must know and attend to each week. To make your job easier we have put together the following information. Please take the time to read through it carefully.

One of the areas we want to highlight to you is the Team Sheet section. An incorrect or incomplete Team Sheet will most likely lead to the team’s game being forfeited. PLEASE READ THIS SECTION VERY CAREFULLY!

The role of the Team Manager has four key components:

  1. Before the Season Starts
  2. During the Season
  3. Grand Final (fingers crossed)
  4. End of Season

Details for each of these is listed below. We’ve also included some of the relevant By Laws you should be aware of. Most of the things listed in the By Laws won’t occur but it is good for you to be aware of them just in case they do.

Once you have been through the following information or throughout the season if you have any questions or need clarification on anything please contact the relevant committee member, all their contact details are available from the Club’s website. A template for your welcome email, scoring roster, team contact sheet, injury report are attached in separate documents. Please feel free to use them. Scoring app instructions are also attached, please distribute these to your team.

Once again thank you for taking on the Team Managers role and we wish you and your team all the best for the season ahead! 


Gisborne Basketball Committee

Before the Season Starts

Working with Children Check: It is a requirement of Basketball Australia that you must have a valid Working with Children Check in order to be a Team Manager. If you do not have one, you can apply at any Post Office or online ( . There is no cost to apply, as you are working in a volunteer role for our club, you must name Gisborne Basketball Club (PO Box 152, Gisborne, Vic, 3437, 0411503895) on your application. Once you have your Working with Children Check card you need to email the Team Manager Coordinator ( your card number and its expiry date. If you do already have one please check your details online and make sure you have added Gisborne Basketball Club.

Contact Coach: Once you receive the team list you should contact the coach and introduce yourself and talk about their expectations for the team, as you will be communicating to the team/parents on behalf of the coach for a lot of things. For example how much earlier does the coach want the team at training and games than the official start time? Does the coach want to be notified of absences immediately, by a certain time or at training? Confirm your training time with the coach.

Contact Team: Once you receive the team lists you should contact each player/parents through email to introduce yourself and the coach and explain the registration process and fees, and confirm the contact details and singlet numbers you have are correct and current. Confirm your training time with the team and any expectation the coach would like you to pass on at this stage.

Player registration: Ensure that all players register and pay online. This must be done by the 1st game of each season. If any parents are having difficulty in regards to payment please let the Registrar ( know ASAP and they will discuss it with the parents. 

Uniforms: Ensure that all players have a uniform and that the singlet numbers of players do not clash. It is also your responsibility to organise the collection of clash tops should you be the first named team playing another Bulldogs team. Clash singlets are stored in the equipment cage at The Stadium, Gisborne Secondary College. 

First Aid Kit: At the beginning of the season you will be supplied with a Club Backpack and First Aid Kit. Ensure that the team has a fully stocked first aid kit at all times. The first aid kit must be at training and the game each week. If you need supplies please contact the Equipment Officer ( Once the season has finished for your team please return the backpack to them.

Scoring Roster: The parents of each child in the team will be required to score 1-2 times each throughout the season. You will need to prepare a scoring roster and send it to each family along with instructions on how to score. It’s a good idea to put some experienced scorers on the roster first to allow those families who haven’t scored before an opportunity to watch and learn.

New Players: Any new player to the club must send a copy of their birth certificate to the Registrar ( You can have them send it to you and pass it on or have them send it directly to the Registrar.

Opening /Closing: If your team is one of the first or last teams on your training night you will be responsible for opening or closing the The Stadium, Gisborne Secondary College. The procedure and codes for this will be provided to those teams who require them.

By Laws: Things do come up from time to time where the By Laws will determine the outcome of a certain situation. We suggest you read the SBA By Laws - visit   We have also listed below the By Laws that can affect games or could be relevant on game day. Please read through these and seek clarification for any you don’t understand from the JDC Rep or President.  

Behaviour: We would encourage you to read the Basketball Victoria Member Protection By-Laws and forward on to your team. The Bulldogs will not tolerate any form of bullying or abuse among our members or to our members. Reports of such behaviour to the club will be taken very seriously.

During the Season

Weekly Contact with Team: It is the Team Managers responsibility to text the team each week with details for the upcoming game. This should include: Time, Venue, Court and Family responsible for Scoring.

General contact with team: Notify parents/players if there are any changes to game or training times, scoring roster and to be a contact person that parents can notify if their child is unable to play or train.

There will be other times when you will also need to contact your team, eg the Club’s committee needs to communicate something to your team.

Fill In Players: From time to time you may be short of players. The Club would suggest having a minimum of 6 players a game and preferably 7. This way the players all get some rest and if a player gets into foul trouble or if you have an injury you can ensure you still gave 5 players on the court. The number of fill ins you may need is at your coaches discretion, check with them before organising. You will be provided with a list of team managers who you can contact for fill in players. Only use Fill In Players from those teams listed for your team, using a player from another team will most likely forfeit your game. Remember that a player can only fill in for 4 other games, whether that be for 1 team or 4. Once they play their 5th game they will become part of the 'Fill In' team and be unable to return to their normal team. 

Clash Singlets: If your team is playing another Bulldogs team, the first named team on the fixture is responsible for collecting the clash singlets. The clash singlet bags are located in the Club’s equipment cage at The Stadium. Select the bag of singlets that would fit your team best and sign the bag out on the sheet provided. You are responsible for taking the singlets to the game. Do not hand them out prior to the game, players forget them! You also need to collect the singlets immediately after the game, launder them and return them to the clash singlet bin and sign them back in. If you find that any singlets are missing or in need of repair, please report this immediately to the Uniform Officer (

Injuries: All injuries during training and game day must be reported to the Club. Please fill out the injury register at the court, and/or complete the club’s injury form and take a photo and send through via email to the Equipment Officer (  Should the player need to fill out insurance forms please contact the Registrar ( 

Changes to your team: If any player decides they no longer wish to continue playing in your team, please contact the President (

Club Boardman Duty: The Club must provide 2 people per hour to do duty at Boardman Stadium Sunbury approximately twice per season (Details relating to Boardman duty are in the General Info tab on the Club’s website).

Equipment: If you notice that the equipment cages are lacking any equipment, are not being looked after, equipment damaged etc please contact the Equipment Officer (

Grievances: You are the mediator between your coach and team. If at any time you feel you need to discuss a matter regarding the coach, players, parents, other club coaches, parents or players then we encourage you to contact the President ( Should the matter be in relation to game day then you must contact the President before the Thursday following your game. Have at the ready the game time, venue, opposition and referee's names if possible.

Qualification for finals: Prior to the finals commencing (about half way through the season and then about 2 rounds out) you should check that each of your players has qualified for finals. Finals qualification is explained in By Law 4.2. To qualify, a player must have played a minimum of half the number of games of the season, eg 12 rounds, need to have played 6 or more games. If the season has an odd number of rounds then the half is rounded up, eg 13 rounds, need to have played 7 or more games.

Game Day

The two most important things on game day are to ensure you have enough players to play the game and that the Team Sheet scoring app is filled in correctly.  

Minimum number of players: There must be a minimum of 4 players for the team to begin the game.  

Late players: If a player is late to the game they can be substituted into the game at any time as long as their name and singlet number are on listed on the scoring app prior to them taking the court.

Fill In Player: If you are using a Fill In Player/s (details above) make sure all their details are recorded correctly on the scoring app by “adding a new player” before the game begins.

Players unwell or injured: If a player has a medical certificate for missing a game/s, forward this to the Team Manager Coordinator ( and the players games will be automatically counted towards finals. If no medical certificate is offered, if the player attends the game (in or out of uniform), they are entitled to be signed into the game.

Importance of Team Sheet: It’s important to understand that the teams’ game may and most likely will be forfeited if the Team Sheet is not completed correctly on the scoring app. See By Law 8.38 at the end of this Document. 

It is your responsibility as Team Manager to ensure the coach, player names and singlet numbers (this is particularly important when you are wearing clash singlets) are correctly entered on the scoring sheet before the game begins (including players coming late and players filling in). The refs will now confirm the outcome of the game with each coach before they sign off the scoresheet at the end of the game.

Team Sheet in Finals: Prior to the finals commencing (about half way through the season and then about 2 rounds out) you should check that each of your players has qualified for finals. Only the names of players that have qualified for finals will appear on the Team Sheet.

Grand Final 

Club Boardman Duty: If your team reaches the Grand Final then you will need to organise 2 parent helpers from your team to do 1 hour duty at Boardman Stadium on the day of the Grand Final.

Photo: Organise a photo of your team for the website honour board if you make the Grand Final and email this to the Registrar ( with the outcome of your game.

End of Season

Coaches Gift: Organise a small gift for the coach in appreciation for the time and effort contributed throughout the season. This is a suggestion only, but we find most teams organise this (generally $10 from each family is sufficient). 

Coaches Awards: Towards the end of the season you will be asked to pass on the nomination for the teams’ Coaches Award. Coaches should take into account sportsmanship, leadership skills, attendance at training, team play and improvement in skills, as well as who has abided by the players code of conduct. The award winners name should be spelt correctly and emailed to the Equipment Officer (

Players Player Award: Towards the end of the season you will be asked to pass on the nomination for the teams’ Players Player Award. This award is chosen by the players. They should base their decision on the player who has put in consistent effort, is a good team player, has had a good season and enjoys their basketball.  TMs are to organise this one by ensuring each player knows the criteria and gets to vote in a secret ballot. The award winners name should be spelt correctly and emailed to the Equipment Officer (

Following Season Player intentions: Towards the end of the season you will also be required to ask each player if they will be playing the next season so the club can work on team placements for the following year. This list should be emailed to the Registrar (

End of Season Event: It is up to individual teams to organise their own end of season event. Most teams organise a dinner to celebrate the achievements of the team over the season and present their award winners. 


By Laws 

Below are some of the By Laws you should be aware. We suggest you read the SBA By Laws so you are aware of them but in particular read the ones listed below. If you are unsure what they mean please contact your JDC rep or the President for clarification. 

Closing Date 

All players must register with the Sunbury Basketball Association (SBA) via their Clubs Database and have played in the first three (3) rounds of EACH season. The Club Database is to be given to the Secretary of the Association or the nominated person by completion of the third (3) round of EACH season. Unregistered players cannot take the court after week three (3). Breach of this By-Law will mean player/s and/or teams are not registered and will be penalised as per By-Law 1.6.

New Players

Before taking the court all new players starting with a team during the season must register their details and sign in the appropriate section on the relevant signing sheet (Back of Scoresheet). 

1.6 Penalties 

All teams found to be playing an unregistered player/s will forfeit. If forfeiting team loses, score will remain and no premiership points will be awarded to this team.  If the forfeiting team wins, a score of 20 - 0 in favor of the losing team will be awarded with no premiership points being awarded to the forfeiting team.


2.2 Normal Rounds (50 minute schedule - 20 minute halves)

Each team is permitted three (3) minutes warm-up at the beginning of the game.  Referees cannot vary this warm up time.  

 First Half: 

 – one time out per team 

 – clock will stop for referees time outs only 

 – no substitutions in last minute of the half unless compulsory 

 – no time out in the last minute of the half  

Half Time

 – two (2) minutes duration  

Second Half: 

– one time out per team 

– clock will stop for all referees time outs 

– clock will stop in the last three (3) minutes for all time outs, all shooting fouls and all compulsory substitutions 

– in the last minute of the game clock will stop for all whistles 

2.4 Penalties for Late Starts 

Late starts due to lack of players, lack of a competent scorer or timer, non-financial team or incorrect uniform, will incur a two (2) point penalty for each minute (or part thereof).  Ten minutes late will deem the result of the game to be a walk-over and relative penalties will also apply.  Score awarded to team receiving walkover will be 20 – 0.

2.5 Starting Time

Referees only will signify the start of the game.  Games will be started at the scheduled time with the referees present on court.  Exception to this will be if previous games are running overtime as each team must be allowed 3 minutes warm-up time. Referees must give a one minute warning before starting the game and starting the clock at all times. 

2.6 Provision of Scorers/Timer Bench Official

a) Each team is responsible for providing a competent scorer or timer bench official to act either as scorer or timekeeper.  Teams not represented on the bench have no recourse if they are not satisfied with the manner in which the game is either scored of timed. b) All clubs must provide competent scorers &/or timers on each day of final series as per roster provided by the relevant committee.  Penalty of $22.00 per rostered game not attended. 

2.8 Team Responsibilities for Game Clock & Scoresheet

First named team on scoresheet is responsible for operating game clock.  Second named team is responsible for scoresheet.  Duties may be exchanged if score-bench persons agree. 

2.9 Scoresheet Interpretation 

In the case of scoresheet individual scores and running scores not agreeing, running score takes precedence only if player’s numbers are recorded on running score.

4.2 Signing of Scoresheet ***SBA By Laws are yet to reflect changes to the scoresheet, so we have left in this information until updated

 b) For Finals Qualification each player must sign the signing sheet and can so before & after the game only. Once the signing sheet is presented to the Registrar no signing will be permitted.

 c)  To qualify for finals, a player must have signed the signing sheet of the team in question in one half of the scheduled rounds for that team. In the case of an uneven number of Rounds, the required number of games for finals qualification shall be rounded up to the next whole number. Example: - In a 15 round competition, half would be 7.5, rounding up would be 8 games required to qualify for finals.

 d) In the case of injured players and/or pregnant women, the individual is permitted to place his/her name on the front of the sheet and sign the back to achieve qualification for finals.

 e) Players have to pay a players fee at the door and be at the game in order to sign the sheet.

 f) Player’s names may be added to the sheet at any stage during the game.  However they must be on the team sheet before they take the court.

4.9 Game Limit in Higher Grades for the Junior Competitions

A junior player is only permitted to play four (4) games in a higher age/grade. Once they have played a fifth (5th) game they are tied to that higher age/grade. This Bylaw does not apply to an U10 player playing in the U12 Competition. They can play both grades all season.  It is important not to confuse this By-Law with 4.10.  

4.10 Registration of Players in a Second Team 

A player may play in a second team which is higher in age (E.g.: Under 14 may play Under 16) but the player must also register with the second team.  The player’s Club must also nominate and register such to the SBA via their Junior Delegate, prior to the commencement of the season inclusive of grading rounds.  All other restrictions and terms of eligibility apply to this player.  Players playing up an age group must not play in a grade more than one level below the grade they play in regularly (E.g.: An Under 14 “A” grade player must not play in any team below Under 16 “B” grade).  Any player who breaches the conditions of this By-Law shall be declared an ineligible player for the team in which they do not regularly play and penalties as outlined in By-Law 1.6 shall be applicable.   

5.1 General 

No player will be permitted to take the court unless attired in the correct uniform as registered with the SBA

5.4 Under Garments 

T-shirts, ‘Skins’, tights and the like will not be permitted to be worn under singlets or shorts without prior written consent of the SBA Committee. If worn they must be the same basic colour as the uniform. 

5.5 Interchanging of Singlets or Shorts 

No interchange of singlets or shorts will be allowed during the game with the exception as per By-Law 5.9. 

5.6 Clash of Numbers 

Singlets may not be worn inside out to avoid a clash of numbers. 

5.7 Correct Shorts 

a) All players should be in correct shorts after the third (3) round of the season. b) Athletic shorts, bathers or the like will not be permitted to be worn in place of playing shorts.  Bicycle shorts may be worn under playing shorts provided they are the same colour as the playing shorts. c) No shorts with pockets will be permitted. 

5.8 Footwear 

Non-marking soled footwear will be the only footwear permitted on the court area.  

5.9 Open Wound or Blood 

Any player with an open wound must be substituted immediately from the court.  Before the player is allowed back into the game, the wound should be treated so that no further bleeding occurs.  The wound should be covered or sutured.  Where blood appears on any part of the uniform the player must change that part of the uniform. No penalty will apply if the substitute uniform does not match the normal team uniform.  If there is blood on the ball, the ball must be replaced.  Club/team whose player bleeds is responsible for cleaning up the blood using the blood kit available from the Door Person.

7.1 Time for Lodgement 

All protests or complaints must be lodged in writing to the SBA Secretary within 7 days of the incident.  Such protest or complaint must be duly endorsed by the relevant club secretary. Such protest or complaint will be attended to by the relevant committee. 

7.2 Complaints against Referees 

All complaints regarding referees must be lodged in writing to the referee’s adviser within 7 days of the incident and must be duly endorsed by the relevant club secretary. 

7.7 Forging Signatures or Tampering with Scoresheet 

Any person or player identified signing another person’s name on the signing sheet or tampering with the scoresheet in any way will be reported for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Player may be offered 2 week suspension or placed on report, depending on the severity of offence. 

8.4 Minimum Players per Game 

Teams must have at least four (4) players on the court before the game can commence.  

8.5 Fingernails and Jewellery 

Fingernails and jewellery to be checked by the referees prior to the commencement of all games and before clock is switched on. Players must be in uniform and at the court, 2 minutes before the scheduled start time for fingernail checks.  All jewellery except flat wedding rings must be removed 

8.11 Inappropriate Behaviour 

a) Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated in the stadium by any person.  The door manager and/or Committee members have the right to evict any persons using inappropriate behaviour in the stadium. 

b) A player, coach, official, spectator and/or team may face suspension and deregistration from the Association and/or barred from any and /or all venues operated by the Association for a period to be deemed appropriate by the relevant committee. 

c) A Committee member or life member has, at any time, the right to lodge a letter ofcomplaint for any offending or abusive conduct, in writing to the Association’s secretary.

8.18 Junior Defence ‘Points’ Rule 

No Junior team may play defence in their front court once they have reached a twenty five (25) point lead, with the exception of final series.  Once the coach and team are aware that they have exceeded the twenty-five point lead and continue to play defence in the front court, the referee will then apply a player technical foul for every incident thereafter.  

8.25 Disqualified Players/Coaches 

Disqualified players/coaches must leave the immediate playing area and must not be visible or audible to the game in which they were disqualified from.

8.26 Heat Policy

SBA will adopt the Basketball Victoria guidelines in regard to heat policy, with the following timing and temperature modifications:  

(a) When the court temperature reaches 30°C competition organisers must consider implementing and where the court temperature reaches 35°C, must implement the following timing rules:   If a game is played in halves, the game time must be reduced by 2 minutes per half with 1 team timeout per half. The referee must call an additional compulsory timeout close to the half way mark in each half, the clock stops for this timeout. One team must call a timeout before the compulsory timeout and the other team after the compulsory timeout. In the event the coaches do not call a timeout as required, the referees will intervene and call a timeout and attribute them to the respective teams.   All other domestic timing rules apply.  

(b) When the on-court temperature is measured at being at or above 38°C at a venue, all games will cancelled at that venue for the remainder of the day.   

8.28 Score-person Responsibilities 

When a player acts as a score-person he/she not permitted to take the court for the remainder of the half in which he/she fulfils this score-person role.  Score bench officials are not permitted to coach or be verbally involved in the game. 

8.38 Ignorance of By-Laws  

Ignorance of these By-Laws is not grounds for defence or appeal. 

Notice Board

Summer Season teams have been finalised and registration is open!

No basketball Melbourne Cup Weekend

Summer Season Term 4 and Term 1

Winter Season Term 2 and Term 3

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