Who To Contact Information







Who To Contact At The Club:

  • New Players
  • Issues with other teams or officials
  • Concerns/issues raised by parents or coach that TM is unable or shouldn't try to resolve eg: complaint from parent about coach
  • By Laws queries
  • By Laws queries
  • Stadium entry/lock up advice or issues
  • Game day player/score discrepancy - by Thursday of the following week
  • Player registration and payments
  • Need to restock first aid kit
  • Injuries
  • Cage equipment faulty, suggestions for new equipment or issues with it being constantly left untidy or unlocked
  • Training scheduling issues
  • Uniforms
  • Clash singlets


  • No coach for game day


  • Contact details provided to TM incorrect/changed
  • Incorrect name/s on score sheets
  • Not enough players for game day - refer to your fill in list provided to Team Managers 

Notice Board

Winter Registration is now open - please go to the General Info tab, Registration Information to click on the link to register your child.

Teams have been posted in Latest News.

Please only register children that have been placed in a team as the club is at capacity

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