2020 Vision and Strategic Plan

Moss Vale Junior Dragons RLC Incorporated

2020 Vision and Strategic Plan

Club Mission Statement

To inspire and enrich the lives of children in Moss Vale and its surrounding areas through the great game of Rugby League as well as providing a fun, safe and well structured environment where they can learn the necessary skills to play Rugby League and at the same time develop lifelong friendships.

 Vision and Strategic Plan Introduction

The Moss Vale Junior Dragons Rugby League Club Incorporated (MVJDRLC) has outlined a cultural and business vision, designed to promote the game of Rugby League in Moss Vale through to the year 2020.

This plan takes into account the changing economic environment, specific local challenges and the opportunities afforded to the MVJDRLC to represent the interests of rugby league in Group 6 JRL of the NSW CRL.

The strategic planning process provided the opportunity to refocus and develop a professional and cost-effective organisation built upon a solid base. This base focuses on two key areas:

  • A Cultural Vision: to provide insight into the philosophy of the organisation and provide guidance on the cultural expectations of all stakeholders within the MVJDRLC; and
  • A Business Vision: to outline the basis of a visionary organisation that is both professional and cost-effective, leaving a legacy on which the future of rugby league in Moss Vale can be built upon.

Moss Vale Junior Dragons RLC Incorporated Cultural Vision

Our Core Purpose

To inspire and enrich the lives of Moss Vale and its surrounding areas through the great game of Rugby League.

Our Core Values

We will conduct our club with the following core values:

1.            Leadership

Our leaders build a reputation based on honesty, integrity, respect and transparent actions to benefit the growth of the game.

2.            Unity

As representatives of the Rugby League community, we move together in unison to achieve progressively better outcomes with strength and conviction.

3.            Community

We develop and provide socially responsible initiatives for the benefit of the community.

4.            Innovation

We challenge the boundaries, and redefine the standards of sport, through innovation, creativity, decisive implementation and good governance.

Our Big Goal

By 2020, MVJDRLC and its brand is in the top five most recognised and respected sporting brands in Group 6 JRL of the NSW CRL.

Our Vivid Description

By 2020, MVJDRLC has community participation at every level equivalent to the other leading sporting codes in our area with:

  • Participation of 200 plus junior players;
  • Work with Wingecarribee Shire Council (WSC) to improve current Community Oval playing surface and increase the number of playing surfaces to service current and increased player number;
  • Have a minimum of one successful, self-sustaining competitive community integrated teams in the ‘A’ division of all junior age groups.

Moss Vale Junior Dragons RLC Incorporated Business Vision

Strategic Priority 1: Organisational Design and Governance


An organisation that is a solid business foundation for Junior Rugby League in Moss Vale, sufficiently flexible to handle the strong growth that will come with fulfilling the 2020 business vision.

Strategic Initiatives

1.1          Complete the 2020 Vision MVJDRLC Strategic Plan for adoption by the committee.

1.2          Clearly define and adopt appropriate policies for;

1.2.1      Committee conduct, responsibilities and duties;

1.2.2      Authority limits for the Executive;

1.2.3      Guidelines for the Committee and Executive; and

1.2.4      A strategic policy diary for timely compliance with obligations;

1.3          Develop and implement a review and priorities program to ensure the implementation of the key strategic initiatives;

1.4          Establish an efficient Organisation Structure based on a suite of policies and procedures outlining best practice, due diligence and corporate regulation;

1.5          Establish a culture of leadership and accountability throughout the organisation in accordance with the core vision.

1.6          Develop a Recruitment Strategy for the recognition and appointment of the Committee, MVJDRLC Staff and Players.

1.7          Adhere to Group 6 JRL standards and policies to identify and address Group 6 JRL compliance requirements for the establishment of any team competing in the Group 6 JRL competition.

1.8          Develop and implement a Risk Management Policy; and

1.9          Develop an Induction & Education Program for all Committee members to broaden and develop their knowledge of Committee’s responsibilities.

Strategic Priority 2: Networks & Alliances


To engage strategic networks and alliances that will assist the MVJDRLC to reach the 2020 Vision.

Strategic Initiatives

2.1          Develop a Marketing and Communications Plan that facilitates the development of Rugby League.

2.2          Create a Membership Strategy that focuses on strategies to embrace the local, federal and international business sectors.

2.3          Develop a PR Strategy that includes social and electronic media, to build brand recognition.

2.4          Develop a Sponsorship Strategy to maximise business investment.

2.5          Select a Charity to be supported by the MVJDRLC; and

2.6          Develop a Strategic Communications Plan to continue building strong links to all stakeholders.

Strategic Priority 3: Financial Capital & Cash Flow


To secure the necessary income and financial capital, whilst maintaining cash flow to meet the 2020 Vision.

Strategic Initiatives

3.1          Ensure that a Reserve Fund of $10,000.00 is reached and maintained in a club account to ensure there is enough cash flow available to begin each new season; and

3.2          Try and develop commercial partnerships to minimise overheads and maximise financial capital and income streams

Strategic Priority 4: Human Capital


To identify and harness the full potential of all MVJDRLC staff, players and volunteers for the development of rugby league in Moss Vale.

Strategic Initiatives

4.1          Develop a Cultural Alignment Program to communicate the new Cultural Vision of the MVJDRLC to all key stakeholders including but not limited to MVJDRLC staff, players, Club Presidents and Secretaries and volunteers.

4.2          Develop a Code of Conduct education process for all clubs key stakeholders including but not limited to MVJDRLC committee, players, parents and volunteers.

4.3          Develop a Cultural Diversity Program.

4.4          Develop a strategy to expand the role and influence of women in Rugby League.

4.5          Develop a Volunteer Communication Strategy to attract, acknowledge, reward and recognise the efforts of volunteers assisting MVJDRLC; and

4.6          Develop and try to secure funding for a Junior Development Squad for talented and Group 6 JRL representative players throughout the club during the playing off season.

Strategic Priority 5: Intellectual Resources


To define, develop and protect the intellectual resources and reputation of the MVJDRLC.

Strategic Initiatives

5.1          Develop a new club logo to rebrand and modernise the club This has been achieved and logos and emblems have been in use since the beginning of the 2013 season.

5.2          Develop a Technology Strategy that ensures the automation of as many business systems as possible to increase overall efficiency and effectiveness of MVJDRLC.

5.3          Develop a Customer Relationship Management System for corporate and membership use.

5.4          Implement automated reporting systems.

5.5          Define, develop and implement business processes and systems to capture, utilise and protect information.

Strategic Priority 6: Physical Capital


Develop a world class, state-of-the-art, sporting and training facility with an adjoining offices and function facility Relationship has been established and we have commenced working together.

Strategic Initiatives

6.1.         Secure adequate assistance and infrastructure for our home ground, Community Oval, from Wingecarribee Shire Council and other government authorities to improve the current Community Oval playing surface and facilities which includes:

  • To increase Community Oval’s number of playing surfaces to service current and increased player numbers.
  • To develop and implement a feasibility plan to construct a grandstand off existing clubhouse facility and/or increase current quantity of spectator seating.
  • To upgrade Community Oval’s timekeeping and broadcasting facilities.
  • To upgrade Community Oval’s barbeque facilities.
  • To construct club offices, meeting rooms and corporate facilities.

6.2.         Develop an Equipment Refresh Policy to ensure the use of technological and physiological advancements in achievements in Rugby League training practices.


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