A compilation of almost 50 years of history is being put together for past and present players.

Should you have any information that can assist please email craig@beralabears.com.au

"A very proud club with A very proud history"


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Award Winning Bears in Bulldogs' Comp

2010 - Norm Holmes Medal - Apisai Koroisau Under 19's
2009 - Mini Player of the Year - Ponipate Rakuli (U/6 Div 4)
2008 - Mini Player of the Year - Ammin Issa Under 8s
2007 - Mini Player of the Year - Ammin Issa Under 7s
2005 - Bill Delauney Medal (14-16years)- Alai Taufaao Under 13s
2003 - Leading Points Scorer - Finue Moeakiola Under 13s (191)
2002 - Mini Player of The Year - Kayde Sharpe Under 6s
2001 - Leading Goal Kicker - William Paneras Under 15s (79)
2001 - Mod Player of the Year - Nathan Massey Under 10s
1999 - Leading Goal Kicker - Abdul Fajajo Under 13s (76)
1999 - Mini Player of the Year - Nathan Massey Under 8s
1998 - Norm Holmes Medal (18years+) - John Cogger A Grade
1998 - Mod Player of The Year - Ali Deeb Under 11s
1996 - Leading Goal Kicker - Robert Hastings Under 15s
1996 - Ron Hodgkinson Medal - Robert Hastings - Under 15s
1994 - Leading Points Scorer - Andrew Emilio U15s (304)
1994 - Norm Holmes Medal (18years+) S Vangemert A Grade
1994 - Bill Delauney Medal (13-16year)M Kassem Under 13s
1992 - Mod Player of The Year - Junior Langi (JR Grade)
1991 - Norm Holmes Medal (18years+) - J Tighe - C Grade
1989 - Norm Holmes Medal (18years+) Mark Smith - B Grade 

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Life Members

Bruce Tozer, Bob Bartlett, Brian McGrath, Doug Collins (Deceased), Eileen Collins, Graeme Wells, Linda Wells (Deceased) David York (Deceased), Arthur Hollebone (Deceased), Bill Carter (Deceased), Linda Carter, Ian Gregory, Glen Easter (Deceased), Alan Easter (Deceased), Paul Wallace, Gary Wallace,  Geoff Sharpe, Bob Bates, Fred Walker, Judy Walker, John Cogger, Jamie Cogger, Trevor Cogger, Kevin Hong, Tony Ghosn, Phill lynch, Steve Ghidini, Craig McGrath, Steve Massey, Bob Jones, Ian Baker, Hala Langi, Annette Sharpe, Pat Weston, Ted Bates, Dianne Bates, Walid Assad, Zena Elsayed, Kim Ilolahia, Hassan Kowaider
We apologise if we have failed to list ALL Life Members, please email craig@beralabears.com.au if any of the above information is incorrect
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Representative Players

1981-82 - Steve Ewer - Under 18's
1984 - Danny Crnkovich - Australian School Boys
1985 – Danny Crnkovich, Mounir Elsamad - Australian School Boys
1999 - Junior Langi - Australian School Boys
2008 - Anthony Watmough 
2011 - Jamal Idris
2014 - Daniel Tupou, David Klemmer
2000 - Jeremy Smith - New Zealand Maori's
2003 - Matt Utai
2007 - Jeremy Smith
2008 - Matt Utai (World Cup)
2013 - Samisoni Langi
2013 - Daniel Tupou
Indigenous Dream Team (intro to 2008 World Cup)
2008 - Jamal Idris
2013 - Apisai Koroisau
NRL Allstars
2010 - Anthony Watmough
New South Wales
1981-82 – Steve Ewer - Under 18's
1989 - Terry Matterson - State of Origin 
2005 - Anthony Watmough - State of Origin
2008 - Nathan Massey - Under 18's
2010 - Jamal Idris - State of Origin
2010 - Paul Rokolati - NSWCHS Under 18's
2014 - Daniel Tupou - State of Origin
2015 - David Klemmer - State of Origin
1982 – Steve Ewer - Under 18’s
1982 – Mick Neil - Under 18’s
1982 - Chris O'Rourke - Under 18's
2005 - Anthony Watmough
2014 - Daniel Tupou, David Klemmer
Noel Hogan
1985 - Peter Hawthorne - Also became Country Footballer of The Year
2010 - 2014 - Jamal Idris
Trevor Reardon - Western Suburbs, South Sydney, Peter Walsh - Western Suburbs, Stephen Blyth - Western Suburbs, Newtown, Gary Walsh - Western Suburbs, Jeff Simons - North Sydney, Canberra Raiders, Alan Neil - Western Suburbs, St George Dragons, Eastern Suburbs, Ron Broderick (Deceased) - Western Suburbs,  Tom Arber - Western Suburbs, Brian Cook - Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Michael Neil - Western Suburbs, Balmain Tigers,  Trevor Cogger - Western Suburbs, John Cogger - Western Suburbs, Oldham, Steve Ewer - Western Suburbs,  Brett Davidson - Western Suburbs, Tom Robbins -Western Suburbs, Jamie Myers -Western Suburbs, Andrew Simons - North Sydney, Penrith, Terry Donnellan - Western Suburbs, Terry Matterson - Eastern Suburbs, Brisbane Broncos, London Broncos, Danny Crnkovich - Parramatta Eels, Jeremy Smith - St George, Roosters, Warriors, Sharks, Eels, Rabbitohs, Junior Langi - St George, Melbourne Storm, Salford, Parramatta Eels, Anthony Watmough - Manly Sea Eagles, Parramatta Eels, Andrew Emelio - Widnes, Sharks, Canterbury Bulldogs, Matt Utai - Canterbury Bulldogs, Wests Tigers, Tim Winitana - Canterbury Bulldogs, Jamal Idris - Canterbury Bulldogs, Gold Coast Titans, Penrith Panthers, Wests Tigers, Nathan Massey - Canterbury Bulldogs, Canberra Raiders, Aidan Sezer - Gold Coast Titans, Canberra Raiders, Samisoni Langi - Roosters, Daniel Tupou - Roosters, David Klemmer - Canterbury Bulldogs, Apisai Koroisau - Rabbitohs, Penrith Panthers, Manly Sea Eagles
Mounir Elsamad - Parramatta Eels, Craig Neil - Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, , Grant Fyvie - Western Suburbs, Barry Gane - Western suburbs, Robert Stutfield - Western Suburbs, Wayne Franke - Western Suburbs, Peter Hawthorne - Canterbury Bulldogs
Chris George - Western Suburbs, Russell McAllister - Western Suburbs, Ken Willson (Deceased) - Western Suburbs
Western Suburbs 1974 – C Walsh
Western Suburbs 1975 – P Walsh, R Broderick
Western Suburbs 1976 – K Willson, P Blyton, T Arber, P Bartlett, W Franke, G Longford, D Marr
Western Suburbs 1977 - Peter Doyle, Bruce Blyton, Mick Scott, Barry Gane,Tom Arber, Bob Stutfield.
Western Suburbs 1978 – F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), D Marr, P Bartlett, R McAllister
Western Suburbs 1981 - F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), G Sundstrom, S Carmichael
Western Suburbs 1982 – J Nagle (Selector), G Sundstrom
Western Suburbs 1984 – J Hayes (Asst. Trainer), T Robbins
Western Suburbs 1985 – H Nolan, R Cramer (Capt)
TOYOTA CUP (Under 20's)
Newcastle Knights 2010 - Alai Taufaao
Canterbury Bulldogs 2010 - Aidan Sezer, Samisoni Langi
Canterbury Bulldogs 2011 - Aidan Sezer, Samisoni Langi
South Sydney Rabbitohs 2011 - Apisai Koroisau
Sydney Roosters 2011 - Paul Rokolati
Sydney Roosters 2012 - Samisoni Langi, Paul Rokolati
South Sydney Rabbitohs 2012 - Apisai Koroisau
Western Suburbs 1971 – S Blyth
Western Suburbs 1972 – J Myers, T Reardon, S Blyth, B Jones, C Davies
Western Suburbs 1975 – B Neil (Selector), R McAllister, D Marr, P Bartlett, B Gane, K Wilson, P Blyton, A Neil
Western Suburbs 1978 - F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), T Cogger
Western Suburbs 1979 - F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), T Cogger, L Michael
Western Suburbs 1980 – J Jacobs (Coach), C George, S Carmichael, B Bartlett (Capt), C Neil, B Davidson, J Cogger, R Cobb
Western Suburbs 1981 – F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), J Jacobs (Coach), T Robbins, R Cobb, S Ewer, M Neil, J Cogger
Western Suburbs 1982 – J Jacobs (Coach), M Neil, S Ewer, P Carlton, C O'Rourke
Western Suburbs 1984 – T Matterson, J Cogger
Western Suburbs 1985 – G Sharpe, J Brooks, M Gambin, A Kamper
Western Suburbs 1986 – D Collins (Coach), G Sharpe, J Brooks, M Gambin, A Kamper, D Collucio, R Hayne, M Smith, R Andrews, G Harley
Western Suburbs 1987 – F Kulmar (Treasurer), B McGrath (Selector), C McGrath (Capt), C Lambert, W O’Keefe, R Coleman
Western Suburbs 1971 – B Neil (Selector)
Western Suburbs 1972 – B Neil (Selector), P Blyton, P Bartlett, K Wilson, S Gough, A Neil
Western Suburbs 1976 – D Hawthorne (Manager/Selector)
Western Suburbs 1977 – J Jacobs (Selector), B Davidson, C Neil, C Boustani, B Bartlett, P Richards, R Bergan, S Carmichael
Western Suburbs 1978 - F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), B Bartlett, C Neil, S Carmichael, B Davidson, J Richards (Ball Boy)
Western Suburbs 1979 - F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), J Cogger
Western Suburbs 1980 – S Ewer, S Moffatt, M Neil
Western Suburbs 1984 – J Little, D Hardman, S McDougall, M Jackson
Western Subrubs 1985 - S Gillett
Canterbury Bulldogs 2008 - Watson Namoa, Peter Tuiaso, Sami Ghoneim, Nathan Massey
Canterbury Bulldogs 2009 - Nathan Massey, Teni Waipouri,
Western Suburbs 1971 – P Blyton, P Bartlett, K Wilson, S Gough, A Neil
Western Suburbs 1972 - L Scott (Coach), G Longford, B Mullins, B Gane, R Stutfield, W Frank (Capt), B Jones
Western Suburbs 1975 – D Hawthorne (Manager), P Hawthorne, T Cogger, L Michael, J Cogger (Ball Boy)
Western Suburbs 1977 – D Collins (Selector), N Rolls (Capt), G Moffatt, L Ross, J Cogger, T Robbins, L Evans
Western Suburbs 1978 - F Kulmar (Hon Sec.), M Gillett, S Ewer, M Neil
Western Suburbs 1980 – J Cogger
Western Suburbs 1981 – R Hayne, S Fogarty
Western Suburbs 1982 – J Bransby (Coach), P Doyle (Selector), B Blyton (Manager), J Little, D Hardman, C McGrath, S McDougall, C Jones, M Elsamad, G Roots, N Bransby (Ball Boy)
Western Suburbs 1983 – J Bransby (Coach), B Blyton (Selector), S Gillett
Western Suburbs 1984 – H Quimby (Coach), F Cribb (Manager), M Bounds 
Canterbury Bulldogs 2018 - B Yazici, S Akama, J O'Neill
Manly Sea Eagles 2018 - L Fonua
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Club Awards

Ron Broderick Award

Coach of the Year Award

This section is currently being updated.

It would be great if past and present committee players could have input on this.

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Club Championships


2003 - Canterbury Bulldogs





2003 - Under 13's - Winners

1979 - Under 11's - Semi Finalists


1979 - Under 11's - Runners Up

1980 - Under 12's - Winners


2010 - Under 7's - Runners Up


2010 - Under 7's (Caltex Plate) Winners

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The "Hall of Honour" award was introduced in 2011 for a person or persons who has given 110% of their time, loyalty. Has shown commitment , dedication and pride to the berala bears football club and are there for the  development and enjoyment of the children and young men of our club.

This award will not be given out freely!

The criteria for this award is life members only who can put forward a nomination which in turn goes to the executive committee for final approval.

The nominee must be a life member for 5 years or more. The nominee must be of outstanding involvement in the running of the club and be devoted to the club as a whole.

2011 saw 2 nominees for this new award. Geoff Sharpe and Bob Bates who fit all of the criteria and more and as a committee we feel that they will carry this award with pride and honour.

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2012 - Geoff Sharpe


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Kylie - 14th Sept
Lana - 21st Sept
Bill - 28th Sept
Pat T - 5th Oct
Sam - 12th Oct
Hash - 19th Oct
Bob J - 26th Oct
Craig - 2nd Nov