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Willagee Bears GLT(All Flags Signs & Banners GLT Perth)
GameDayCode: 2640333012

Willagee Bears Premiership(2018 Smarter Than Smoking Premiership)
GameDayCode: 9792998607

Willagee Bears Reserve Grade(2018 Smarter Than Smoking Reserve Grade)
GameDayCode: 5077814772

Willagee Bears U11's(Smarter Than Smoking Under 11's Perth)
GameDayCode: 2088306208

Willagee Bears U12's(Smarter Than Smoking Under 12's Perth)
GameDayCode: 3781050271

Willagee Bears U13's(Smarter Than Smoking Under 13's Perth)
GameDayCode: 9858514521

Willagee Bears U14's Boys(Smarter Than Smoking Under 14's Boys Perth)
GameDayCode: 4371573849

Willagee Bears U14's Female Tackle 2017(2017 All Flags & Banners Spring Tackle Series U14's)
GameDayCode: 7156407628

Willagee Bears U16's Girls(All Flags Signs & Banners Under 16's Girls Perth)
GameDayCode: 9282325959

Willagee Bears Under 18's(2018 Pirates Youth Cup)
GameDayCode: 3150992617

Willagee Bears Val Murphy Trophy(2018 Smarter Than Smoking Val Murphy Trophy)
GameDayCode: 9040316894

Willagee Bears Women's Female Tackle 2017(2017 All Flags & Banners Spring Tackle Series Womens)
GameDayCode: 7271774333

Willagee Bears Womens RL(2018 All Flags Signs & Banners Women's Rugby League)
GameDayCode: 4364089908

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