NRL and North Beach Code of Conduct & National Safe Play Code

As a supporter of the North Beach Rugby League Club, we agree to abide by a code of conduct that will help our supporters be regarded as the best in the WARL.

The code of conduct is as follows:

We will welcome all away team fans and assist the Club to deliver an enjoyable Rugby League experience.
We will exhibit dignity, pride and poise: all important characteristics of North Beach Rugby League Club.
We will celebrate in victory and commiserate in defeat.
We will acknowledge and respect the opposition fans allegiance to their Club.
We recognise the efforts of the North Beach players as playing to the best of their ability in an effort to win each and every game.
We will work with the Club to enforce the Code of Conduct at home and away games throughout the WARL Tooheys Cup season.
We will inform the Club of people who do not abide by the Supporters Code of Conduct and will support the Club in cancelling the privileges or access to the services provided by North Beach Rugby League Club to these supporters.

We will not engage in activity that embarrasses or inhibits others from enjoying the viewing of a North Beach game.
We will not taunt opposition fans in victory or exhibit bad sportsmanship in defeat.
We will not react in an abusive or violent manner, including verbal, physical and emotional abuse, - towards players, officials, ground staff, other spectators (home or away) and others.
We will not disparage other teams or their fans.
We will not publicly criticise the North Beach Rugby League Club in a demeaning or derogatory manner regarding team selection, coaching, player contracts, and other decisions made by the administration.
We will not use foul or abusive language towards fellow supporters, away supporters, or game day

North Beach Rugby League Club expects all Club Members and Players to adhere to the NRL Code of Conduct and the National Safe Play Code