SWHCC - 1st Life Member - John (Jack) Colman(Dec)

Jack Colman is our first "Pioneer and Founder". Jack had an idea, and that was to form a Local Cricket Club for all the residents of South Warrandyte to enjoy as an outlet from the jobs as Old Diggers, Orchardist, Market Gardeners and local General Store Proprietor. Jack sort the idea to all in the area and in 1930 the South Warrandyte Cricket Club was formed, and started competitive Cricket by affiliating with the Ringwood and District Cricket Association for the start of season 1931/32.....And to the delight of Jack and all his team mates, we were RDCA C Grade Premiers in our inaugural year of competition and foundation!

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SWHCC - 2nd Life Member - Ron (Ginger) Jones(Dec)

Ron(Ginger)Jones we all will remember as being our "Greatest Tweaker" of Off Spin Bowling. Being one of our older players respected by all the youngsters that admired his help and friendship during the vital stages of their Cricket careers. A wonderful man being able to extract the best from all that played Cricket with him........ Ron was an absolute grand clubman who dedicated everything possible to the Cricket Club, and our legendary spin bowler playing and capturing many wickets in our 1970/71 RDCA B Grade Premiership Team.

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SWHCC - 3rd Life Member - Ken (KW) Willman(Dec)

Ken Willman joined our Cricket Club in 1955, giving support to his sons John and Chris. Ken was a "Magnificent Volunteer" and past President for 12 years being 1964/65 to 1975/76. The neatest and most correct scorer for more than twenty years. Ken was a vital member during the early construction of our new Oval "Colman Park Reserve".....Ken's input the into the 50's, 60's and 70's of his loved cricket club will be remembered by all during an era at South Warrandyte when the going was tough, and just fielding a few teams for the coming Saturday contest was a real mission by all, every Thursday Night.

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SWHCC - 4th Life Member - Keith Stokes. (Dec)

Keith Stokes was by no doubt one our biggest and best Volunteers. Being very heavily involved with our Juniors in the 70's. His total support of our Cricket Club and his involvement was rewarded by being the recipient of Life Membership of the Club he loved so dearly...Keith will always be remembered as our number one (1) supporter of Junior Cricket as he visited and ventured every match with a sincere passion and total support of his Cricket Club.......Along with Saturday afternoons supporting his Grandson Brad, and watching our Seniors to hopefully win every match possible.

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SWHCC - 5th Life Member - Peter (Pedro) Wilson.

Peter (Pedro) Wilson is the 5th Life Member to be awarded this highest of accolades since our foundation in 1930. Pedro proudly represents his Cricket Club and attends all functions. Peter was proudly awarded again in 2000, by being selected in "The Team of the Century" One the best Cricketers having ever played over the past seventy years since foundation........Pedro's forte was being our very quick strike bowler during the seventies. Playing in our Premiership RDCA B Grade Team 1970/71.     Pedro's still around, and is a frequent patron to matches and social events as a proud Life Member of his loved South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club.

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SWHCC - 6th Life Member - Robert (Bob) Hodgson(Dec)

Well what can we say...... This fabulous Man is another legend of what Cricket is all about. Spent most of his well earnt money at our Club, and fully supported the Social Club. Bob will be remembered forever as Captain Courageous of our Premiership RDCA 1972/73 "E Grade" Team. Tenacious, Gutsy, and don't worry about the Umpires guy's, I'm running this bloody show. Committee Meetings at Bobs home where an experience that you could not ever imagine, and all the Pizza shops got involved in our quality productive Cricket Committee Meetings with a few beers adding to the total confusion of what’s happening now??

Bobs sensational voluntary work around the Cricket Club, and all the positions he held on the Committee during his so long commitment, is nothing but outstanding. Bobby well earnt his Life Membership with the club he loves so dearly...A Life Member that is respected and well deserves this wonderful accolade.

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SWHCC - 7th Life Member - Stan (The Man) Craker.

Stan Craker is back with his loved Hawks Cricket Club after many years of being missing in action.  Stan was a great attribute to our Cricket Club with our kids in the 70's & 80's, teaching very correct qualified techniques, superb Coaching skills and a wonderful clubman. Stan was another Cricket contributor who only wanted the rewards of seeing his students performing well........Stan well earnt his Life-Membership as a mentor and wonderful South Warrandyte Hawks Clubman, and is dearly respected by all.

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SWHCC - 8th Life Member - Bruce (BT) Templeton.

Bruce is South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club living legend. His contribution to our Club has been absolutely outstanding. Having joined as a Junior, Bruce has continued to play with our Club for many years, and is still loving the involvement he has with the Club he loves....Blue Vein (as he's affectionately known as) has been proudly presented with just about every accolade the Hawks Cricket Club has, his involvement in any discussion or decision making is always welcome as our now old-timer has a wealth of wisdom to pass on....................Big Bad Bruce (Blue Vein) is loved and dearly respected by all Players, Members, Families, Supporters and Sponsors........He is one of our most honoured legendary active SWHCC Life Members........Now playing Hawks Legends Cricket.

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SWHCC - 9th Life Member - Chris ( CW ) Willman.

Past President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Secretary, and Committee Member of The South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club. Proudly announced and awarded season 2000/2001 by The Victorian Cricket Association as Metro Cricket Volunteer of the year, presented by life time hero Ian Redpath. Chris was also along with Pedro (from the 1970/71 Premiership era) and selected in the "Team Of The Century" as Wicketkeeper of the best team since foundation in 1930.......Some might say only a fair back-stop, but what the heck, when your thrown the gloves just do the best you can.
Chris is a proud Grandfather of 6, needing only another 5 to field his own Cricket Team. 3 girls & 3 boys....and he dearly  loves them all....He's been missing in action for the last couple of years, but now back looking after the website of the South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club.

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SWHCC - 10th Life Member - Ian (Rebel) Barry.

Ian Barry has been involved and played the game of Cricket with South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club for many many Years. Past Seconds Captain for many seasons having being a fine leader. Also Ian is a very famous and proud Captain of our RDCA 2000/2001 E Grade Premiership Team.
Past President and Committee Member for many years, Ian is another who has well earnt all of our respect and huge thanks for being apart of his and our wonderful Cricket Club.

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SWHCC - 11th Life Member - Kees (KB) Bolt.

Kees Bolt! What a Legend this man is. We all call him Mr South Warrandyte. Kees has more than contributed to our Club, he is our Club. Now retired Kees continues to oversee the Ground Management and act as Secruity Gaurd to our Reserve. Please do not invade our Arena or Clubrooms as Kees just might hose you down with a good dose of water...Kees is another that has been awarded just about every accolade the Cricket Club has to give, and this marvellous man continues..... Cricket Victoria recipient for "Outstanding Voluntary Community Cricket Contribution 2000/2001" Kees just goes about his job as one of our wonderful Life Members who dearly and proudly loves his South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club......KB is dearly respected by all.

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SWHCC - 12th Life Member - Ian (Jonesy) Jones.

Ian Jones is commencing his 36th year with our Club. Past President of four Years and V.C.A. Outstanding Long Service recipient from 1998/99.
Started as a junior with our Club and has contributed as a Player, President, Committee Member and Chairman of Selectors for many valuable years. Ian has also contributed to our Association (R.D.C.A.) by coaching for the first time our Under 14's I.A.J.C.C. Squad to a fantastic Premiership in January 2000.

2006/2007 Ian was again presented with the Memorial John Willman accolade of "Best Clubman"........his second and well earnt as the legendary Jonesy continues his outstanding voluntary contribution to his loved South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club.........Well done Jonesy.

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SWHCC - 13th Life Member - Neal (Perc) Percy.

Neal received Season 2001/2002 a V.C.A. Award for "Outstanding Long Service", this was well earnt by his fabulous contribution to our Cricket Club.
Past President of two years, and Committee Member for many more, he is well remembered as founder of our Inaugural Social Committee.

Neal’s contribution has been nothing but outstanding, and is well respected by all at South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club. Neal was the person who introduced our "A.F.L.Grand Final Day" Super Social Event. This very special social event continues with huge thanks to Neal’s wonderful idea, and dear love of his Cricket Club.

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SWHCC - 14th Life Member - Peter (Rocket) Reilly.

Peter is an active member having played "First" Cricket for many years. Now Peter is a proud Masters Cricketer and past President, Vice President and Committee Member of our Club. Peter also holds the V.C.A. Long Service Award, for his 24 years of voluntary service to the Cricket Club he loves so dearly. Rocket is another along with Pedro & Chris, being selected in the "Team Of The Century" An outstanding Cricketer named as one of the best since foundation in 1930........Rocket was awarded by Scott Brasher & Steve Garrett "The Dedication Plaque" at presentation night 2006/2007 for his absolute outstanding dedicated service for taking us from an ordinary B Grade Cricket Club to RDCA Chandler Shield Premiers in a 5 year game plan, and the inspirational and total dedication to his loved South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club that will be sincerely remembered forever and ever by everyone.

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SWHCC - 15th Life Member - Craig (Marra) Smith.

Craig is one of many of our outstanding Life Members that has just about contributed his life to his beloved Cricket Club.  Marra has been a player/member of the South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club for 20 odd lifetimes, and holds accolades that the Club has presented to him over many years. He was awarded "Outstanding Cricket Volunteer" in 1999/2000 by the Victorian Cricket Association for his contribution to not only his loved South Warrandyte, but also to Community Grass Roots Cricket for the outstanding services he had contributed. Craig has also filled many roles on past committees....some in crises times when the club was in dire straits to exist.

Craig was awarded Life Membership (Along with Zep) in 2001/2002 for his sensational outstanding contribution to his loved South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club.

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SWHCC - 16th Life Member - Darren (Zep) Johnson.

Darren Johnson was awarded his Life Membership in 2001/2002 for his outstanding contribution to his loved South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club.  Zep was another in 1999/2000 to receive from the Victorian Cricket Association an Outstanding Volunteer Award for his contribution to community grass roots Cricket.  Darren also has been a committee member for many years, holding just about all positions.....and again as with Marra.....in times of dire straits for the existence of the club.

Darren Johnson is a grand clubman, and deserved the highest accolade given to any member of the South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club.

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SWHCC - 17th Life Member - Barry (Bazza) Williams.

What can we say about our magnificent Barry (Bazza) Williams.......Barry was awarded his Life Membership this past season 2006/2007 for the absolute outstanding contribution to his loved South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club.  Bazza has performed miraculous feat's......A great liaison with the Manningham City to have new Clubrooms built and a complete reconstruction / refurbishment of the oval through a pure persistent attitude of only accepting yes, and the strength and tenacious effort to stand solid with Manningham City until all asked and pledged was totally performed. 

Barry also is our inaugural President of our 2006/2007 South Warrandyte Hawks RDCA Chandler Shield Premiership Team.......His sensational leadership skills, great committee, awesome Captain Coach and mind blowing Super Champion Team making history, is a rewarding outstanding credit to Bazza's......never so no attitude.....Barry is a "Grand Life Member", and proudly wears his Life Membership Badge to cricket, work, home, 3 weddings and a funeral, family functions and even to bed with his lovely wife Vee.


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SWHCC - 18th Life Member - Eddie (Ed) Garner

Ed arrived at the Mighty Hawks Cricket Club in the season of 1991-92 with his Wife Zita and two Sons, Ben and David…..Past President of three years and solid committee member during the nineties and a Veterans Premiership Player…..Ed is a marvelous contributor and has so willingly excelled at helping out wherever and whenever as an outstanding valued volunteer who has always held the cricket club close to his heart…..Ed is a well deserved recipient of the clubs highest achievements, and was humbled by this wonderful accolade being bestowed upon him at our 2007-2008 Presentation Night.

The Committee and all Hawks Life Members were absolutely delighted to award Ed with this so prestigious recognition of outstanding special long service to the South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Club, and his Life Membership Medal of which he will proudly wear always.

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SWHCC - 19th Life Member - Steve (Grissle) Russell

Well what cant we say about this wonderful South Warrandyte Hawks Cricket Clubs 19th Life Member Steven (Grissle) Russell.   Steve has been with us since 1972 when he arrived to play junior cricket in the mornings, along with senior cricket in the afternoons.  He has been a vital part of all our history as Steve has played in every grade available at South, and a truly dedicated grand clubman.  Grissle has a marvelous personality that delights and humors all the members at Hawkland. In the eyes of all the younger generation at Colman Park he is their mentor and the driving force of just how a grand clubman should conduct himself.

Steve (Grissle) Russell was in absolute awe of the accolade of being awarded the prestigious Life Member Medal at our past Presentation Night 2007-2008.  This was also a wonderful night for all of his mates at Hawkland, for Steve was well overdue for Life Membership after a magnificent 40 odd years of solid sincere (overwhelming) long service to his dearly loved cricket club.

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SWHCC - 27th Life Member - Scott Brasher

Starting playing at South Warrandyte as a junior including an Under 16 premiership in 1985/86 before playing a number of years away from Colman Park he returned as Captain Coach and lead the 1st XI to consecutive premierships in Newey in 01/02 and Wilkins 02/03 including strong performances in both Grand Finals. Scott was also instrumental in providing a culture for the team that won the Chandler Shield in 2006/07.

Scott has beena committee member for a number of years including stints as both the Vice President 2012/2013 and President 2013-2015. On top of this Scott has been a major sponsor of the club through his company Altegra since 2012 and has been instrumental in setting the club up for future success. 

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SWHCC - 28th Life Member - Jeremy Neagle

Jeremy first played at South Warrandyte as a junior in 1992/93 including playing representitive for the RDCA in Under 14's and Dowling Shield in the Under 16's. Jeremy moved into the senior ranks and soon found himself in the 1st XI, a tenacious cricketer who played with a lot of fire in his belly was an instumental part in three 1st XI flags Newey 01/02, Wilkins 02/03 and Chandler 06/07 and was also the assistant coach for the Wilkins premiership. 

A number of stints on the committee including being the Tribunal Gelegate since 2011, Jeremy has also been a sponsor of the club and works tirelessly behind the scense ensuring that bar is always stocked as well as with catering selection nights. 

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SWHCC - 29th Life Member - Steve Garrett

Steve Garrett arrived at the club having played his Junior cricket at Parkwood and quickly rose through the senior ranks. After some time away from the game due to injury Steve returned to the senior ranks in 2000/01 before being one of the key players in the Golden generation of South Warrandyte. 

Steve was a key player in the 01/02 Newey Plate premiership season in which he won the Newey Medal for the Best & Fairest player in the competition having amassed 410 runs at 37.3 and took 30 wickets at 14.03. He was also a vital part of the Wilkins premiership the following year, with the club moving up to Chandler Shield and the retirement of club captain Scott Brasher. Steve was asked to take the reins which he did in 05/06. 

In 05/06 Steve was the Captain Coach of the Chandler Shield premiership team, the jewel in the crown of the Golden generation.  Steve also led the club back to the Chandler Shield final in 09/10, after a number of successful campaigns. Steve's greatest achievement was to come in the 2012/13 when he was offered and accepted the chance to play premier cricket for Richmond. 

In 2 seasons Steve was extremely successful in his 2 seasons playing 29 1st XI games making 264 runs at 22 and taking 50 wickets at 19.62 as well as 14 catches and 1 run out. If not for a pre-season ankle injury in his second season his record could have been even better. In his last game for Richmond against Carlton Steve destroyed Carlton, taking 7/23 including a hat trick becoming the 125th person to take a 1st XI hat trick in the history of Premier Cricket. 

Gaz claims his Hat-Trick



Steve later returned to Colman and led the club for a further 2 seasons before his retiring to spend more time with the family after giving so much to the club including multiple years on the committee. Some of Steve's records include

~150 1st XI games

~3000 runs @ 25 including 16 50's

~350 Wickets @ 16 including 17 x 5WI & 2 x 10WM

~50 dismissal

Best Bowling 8/6 vs Chirnside Park

Club Captain 2005/06-2011/12 & 2014/15-2015/16

Newey Medal Winner 2001/02

Chandler Shield All-Rounder trophy 2008/09

Committee Member 2003/04-2008/09


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